Character Bios

Here's some of the bios I've made for characters. Some pictures I got of the internet, and a few were drawn by the talented artist Livvie Lisa! :) I'll label the ones that are hers. A few others were drawn by me...*embarrassed smile* but they aren't NEARLY as good as hers are!! I'm terrible at drawing!
Hope you have fun learning some more about each of my characters! :)

The Silver Flower:
Mary Grant

I’m Mary; sister to Justin and Duncan Grant. The above picture is quite recent, and I believe it portrays me well. I had another one that Duncan drew of me in elfish garb, but we decided against it. Justin declared that I would have made a very good elf, but I prefer being human myself. J

I think I’m supposed to introduce myself, you know, give a short character bio about me. Well, let’s see…

I’m thirteen years old…

I have dark red hair (as you can see from the picture...)

I have green eyes…

My favorite color is forest green…

And I love to read, write, and learn anything new!

My brothers and I are thrilled that you would take the time to read about us, and we hope you enjoyed our adventure. I believe our creator, Rebekah Eddy, is working on a sequel about when we go back to the elfish kingdom and…well, anyways, I won’t ruin the story by telling you! J

I hope you enjoyed reading about me! Have a wonderful day!

Yours Truly,

Mary Grant
Duncan Grant
Hello, I’m Duncan, brother to Mary Grant, and twin to Justin Grant. I look kind of sulky in my picture, but that’s mostly because I don’t like to dress up or have people take pictures of me. (Unlike Justin, who loves to dress up, and always smiles when cameras are pointed in his direction.) I do smile more in real life, honest. J

Alright, I’m supposed to tell you about myself, but I’m terrible at that sort of thing…I’ll try…

I’m fourteen almost fifteen (same as my twin, of course).

I have dark red hair,

I have green eyes,

My favorite color is black. (Yes, you read that correctly, B-L-A-C-K: Black has all the colors in it anyways, right?)

I enjoy hunting with my brother, fishing by myself, and working with my Father in his blacksmith shop. Oh, I also love learning the elves language under Old Elliot’s watchful eyes and drawing lots of different things, but especially elves.

I can’t think of anything else, and besides, I was never good at going on and on about myself. Justin is much better at that sort of thing. I hope you enjoyed the story about our adventure! J

Yours Truly,

Duncan Grant
Justin Grant
Hello, I’m Justin Grant, brother to Mary Grant and twin to Duncan Grant. I’m excited to finally get to tell you about me! I like the picture…it does make me look older than I actually am though…not that that’s bad, necessarily, still…

Oh! Speaking of my age, I’m supposed to tell you about myself! Alright, here it goes:

I’m fourteen (almost fifteen) years old,

I have dark red hair (you can’t really tell that from the picture, sorry),

I have green eyes,

My favorite color is silver (the color of a full moon on a winter night),

I enjoy working with my Father in his blacksmith shop, hunting with Duncan, and learning the elves language from Old Elliot.

In case you haven’t noticed, my brother and sister and I do a lot together. Just so you know; we prefer it that way. I’ve noticed that a lot of times people think their siblings are merely burdens, but we Grants have found that the opposite is true. Siblings are a blessing, and should never be taken for granted.

We would never dream of doing anything without the others coming along with us. That sometimes got the three of us into trouble, but more often it helped whatever task we were preforming.

I should wrap this up…you should know by now that I like to talk, and sometimes I get carried away with a certain topic. I beg your pardon. J

Yours Truly,

Justin Grant
Valkin Tredhale
Greetings! My name is Valkin Tredhale, former messenger to His Majesty, The King. I am now King myself, exactly how I became King is still somewhat muddled in my mind; it happened rather quickly. My personal opinion is that our creator, Rebekah Eddy, merely wanted to finish the book, and so she rushed a bit too much.

Back to the subject at hand, I apologize for the poor picture of me. It was a drawing by a good friend of mine, and he could not completely capture my personality. For one example, I am far too grim looking. Usually I’m much more relaxed, but I believe this picture was drawn during the time before the king’s evil counselor was taken care of, and so my frown was much more often on my face.

About me…I’m not really sure where to begin…let’s see…

I’m exactly one hundred seasons old, which, I believe, in your land means I’m twenty-five years old.

I have dark brown hair…

And brown eyes…

My favorite color is dusk blue (the color of the sky at dusk, when the sky is clear, and you can see stars…that dusk blue)

I enjoy solving problems, hunting, and riding my horse (whose name is Galaxy)

I’m very honored to have you read about me and my human friends. I hope that you will read more soon!

Signed: Valkin Tredhale,

King of the Scottish Wood Elves
Dusak Aknae

Greetings! I am Dusak Aknae, honorary elf-brother-in-law to Valkin Tredhale, King of the Scottish Woodland Elves. The picture above was drawn by my talented young friend, Duncan Grant. I believe he did a pretty good job, but I do look rather stern. Don’t worry, I’m not very stern in real life. Can you see the impish grin just waiting to appear around the corners of my mouth? J
I suppose I should tell you about myself. Bother. I thought I might get away with not having to introduce myself, but no, Rebekah would have ALL of us introduced. No skimping responsibility for me…ah well…here it goes:

I am one hundred and eight seasons old, which means by your human years that I am twenty-seven years old.
I have light brown hair,
I have blue eyes,
          My favorite color is pink (actually, that’s NOT my favorite color…)

         Actually, my favorite color is dark blue,

I enjoy helping Valkin rule our kingdom wisely, make practical jokes on all my friends and family, and hunt on my horse (whose name is Brownie, even though his true color is gray).
I hope you enjoyed Rebekah’s story that made all of us elves famous, and I hope she won’t completely give up on me and decide to leave me out of the sequel. (You wouldn’t mind pleading with her a little on my behalf would you?)
Dusak Aknae, Self-Appointed Court Jester

Vinea Aknae
I am Vinea Aknae, wife of Dusak Aknae who is an advisor to His Majesty, Valkin Tredhale. (Who happens to also be my adopted brother.) The above picture is a few seasons old, but we elves don’t change quickly, so I still look like that more or less. My talented human friend, Duncan Grant drew it, and I was honored that he chose to draw me!

Ah yes, I am supposed to tell you about myself…very well:

I am 92 seasons old, and that means I am twenty-three human years old.

I have blonde hair,

I have blue eyes,

My favorite color is gold, the color of the sun as it sinks behind the hills at sunset.

I enjoy sewing, riding my horse, (whose name is Sunset after my favorite color), and helping my husband and brother with their tasks.

I am honored to be chosen as a character in Rebekah’s book, “The Silver Flower”, and I am hoping she has chosen me again in her new book about elves. I look forward to the sequel with much anticipation, and I hope it is longer than the other one. I felt rather rushed in the last few chapters…it seemed as if we barely had time to switch from our woodland costumes into finery for my adopted brother’s coronation.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and I hope you also look forward to the sequel.

Signed:  Vinea Aknae,
Adopted sister to His Majesty:
Valkin Tredhale of the Scottish Woodland Elves

Shetta Gloriheem
Greetings to you, I am Shetta Gloriheem. Well, I take that back…now that I was finally able to marry Glevanne, my name is Shetta Addets. The picture of me above was drawn by Duncan Grant, and I think it is fairly accurate. He is a very talented young man, although I would have preferred my mouth to have been drawn closed. J Nothing against Duncan’s drawing…still…it would have been nice.

About me:

I am also exactly one hundred seasons old…remember, I am Valkin’s twin… (This means I am also twenty-five in your human years…)

I have light brown hair,

I have light brown eyes,

My favorite color is light blue (the color the sky is when there are no clouds in it and the sun is shining.)

I enjoy spending time with my beloved husband, Glevanne, going on my daily rides through the woods on my horse, (whose name is Mystery), and star-gazing on clear nights up in our castle’s tallest tower.

I hope you enjoyed reading about us, and I hope you will read more! I believe the sequel is going to contain all of us elves, so you will hear what happens to us after the humans left. I won’t spoil it by telling you now… J

I hope you come back for more! Signed:

Shetta Addets,

Sister of the King, Valkin Tredhale
Glevanne Addets
Greetings, I am Glevanne Addets. My new wife, Shetta, is the King’s sister. The picture above was drawn by Duncan Grant who you probably know also drew Valkin, Shetta, Vinea, and Dusak’s pictures. I was honored to be a character of Rebekah’s book, “The Silver Flower” and I hope she doesn’t kill me off before the second book is finished. She should at least let Shetta have a baby.

Anyways, I should get on to telling you about me…

I am one hundred and four seasons old, which means by your years I am twenty-six.

I have light gray eyes.

I have dark brown hair.

My favorite color is any shade of blue.

I enjoy spending time with Shetta, working with Valkin, and hunting with anyone.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my personality a little bit better, and now maybe when you read “The Silver Flower” again, you’ll be able to understand us better. I should probably get back to Valkin now and see what he needs to have done. Thank you for reading about me!


Glevanne Addets,

Husband of Princess Shetta,

Elf-brother-in-law to King Valkin Tredhale

"Old" Elliot
Hello, I’m Grant Elliot, but you probably saw that I’m mostly referred by the Grant children, Justin, Duncan and Mary, as “Old Elliot” among themselves. They were always careful, to call me respectfully “Mr. Elliot” to my face, but I know they meant no harm by calling me “Old” behind my back.

I was told to tell you about myself, and so, of course, I will.

Must I tell you how old I am? Yes? Well, just-between-us-and-don’t-tell-anyone…I’m seventy-eight years old. In my mind I’m still about twenty-three, but time never lies, and eventually I’ll have to face the fact that I’m old…there’s no denying it.

I have silver hair (that sounds better than just plain gray, doesn’t it?).

I have blue eyes.

My favorite color is the color of the sea right before a storm: gray, green and blue.

I enjoy teaching the Grant’s about the elves, telling stories, and carving figurines from wood.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the elves as much as the Grant children did during their adventures, and I hope that you, like those siblings, will also glean valuable information from your elders.

So long,

“Old” Grant Elliot,

Of no relation to King Valkin, but his Very Good Friend


Alice & Alyssa:
the reluctant adventurer
This one was drawn by Livvie Lisa 
~Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:

“What were you thinking? Now we’re all gonna die!”
~Description of Character:

Alice is the slightly younger twin. She has a quirky sense of humor, and hates getting up in the morning, especially if it’s cold outside. She tends to have her own ideas about how people should get things done, and prefers to go into things slowly after thinking over everything beforehand. Though she tends to think that every silver lining has a black cloud behind it, and that rain comes more often than sunshine, Alice still enjoys life even when it isn’t obvious. She would prefer to stay home, curled up in a couch with a good book than go on adventures, but when crazy things happen, she’s often in the thick of it whether she wants to be or not. With much better hand writing than her sister and pristine spelling and grammar, but a far less active imagination, she is the designated writer of the book that they are working on together.
the imagination behind the story
Livvie Lisa also drew this
~Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Let’s go already!”
~Description of Character:
The older of the twins, Alyssa is far more outgoing and cheerful than her younger sister. Always eager to do things that are new, she sometimes fails to realize the danger behind her ideas. She has an active imagination and usually has story ideas running through her head. Unfortunately, she has terrible handwriting and even worse spelling and grammar so she was never able to get her ideas down into a book people could read. But thankfully, her sister has the gifts she lacks and together they make a perfect team. Adventurous to the point that makes her twin doubt her sister’s sanity, Alyssa is usually the one that leads herself and her sister into their escapades and then usually is the one who is most reluctant to leave. But even though she loves excitement, her love for her twin is far greater. Both girls are pretty much inseparable, and spend most of their time together, though so very different.

Livvie Lisa also drew this picture
~Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:

“What’s all this about? Why haven’t I been told about that?”

~Description of Character:

Because Diana has been created by the twins, her personality is an interesting mixture of both their personalities. Her semi-excitement over adventures is from Alyssa’s imagination while her worry about everything working out in the end is due to Alice holding the pencil. Even so, the twins do manage to have Diana possess her own personality as well as snippets of theirs. For example, she has far more patience than either twin, and is content to put all responsibility on Raynold, Alice, and Alyssa. A faithful follower and good friend, she is the steadying factor to all their adventures. If she hadn’t been there, things may have taken a nasty turn. But, as it was, her steadfast encouragement to her friends kept them going to the end. With spunk and endurance, she stays with them and hardly ever complains of their difficult circumstances even during times that you or I would throw up our hands in despair and give up.
The Stranger

Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Nothing can keep us from completing what we have started out to do."
Description of Character:
Raynold is quite an interesting character. He often plunges into things without thinking out what the outcome will be. He tends to be cheerful no matter how awful the circumstances, but still manages to get himself and those he’s in charge of out of scrapes. Sometimes stern and older-brotherly, Raynold loves his family dearly and hates how often his job brings him away from home. Brought up by his father as a farmer, Raynold is handy with animals and is able to fix most things fairly easily. He was given a place in his village’s council and was soon a person that everyone looked up too, even the older council members. But even though this is true, Raynold remained humble, and by that endeared himself even more to the people of his village.
The Loving Older Sister
Another of Livvie Lisa's creations
Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Is there anything I can do to help you?”
Description of Character:
The oldest and only girl in Raynold’s family, Bettina is always on the lookout for how she can serve others. Only younger than Raynold by two years, she seems older than him because how responsible she acts. Always trying to make strangers feel welcome and comfortable, she loves to show hospitality in any little way she can. Quiet and reserved, unlike Raynold, she tends to watch others far more than she talks to them, and is usually only in the background, stirring soup or making beds.
The Eager Younger Brother
Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Can I come?” or “What are you doing?”
Description of Character:
Full of fun and adventure, Corbin has a personality similar to his older brother, Raynold. Always eager to help in any way he can, his dream is to become a farmer like his father. He hates to be left out of anything, and because of this he sometimes gets in trouble for sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong. Naturally curious about everything, he tends to ask a lot of questions, which sometimes is a nuisance to those who don’t know his ways. If fact, almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a question, but his family doesn’t mind this, and even answers what questions they can.
Guardian of the Fire Stone
Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Follow me!”
Description of Character:
As Guardian of the Fire Stone, Eliana is no stranger to responsibility, and she takes her job very seriously. However, she also has a very compassionate nature, and loves to help others. She is a born leader, and is not afraid to take charge if she knows that a leader is needed. But, she also knows when it is best to let another person lead, and therefore makes a good follower as well. Eliana enjoys a wide variety of things, such as cooking, riding, reading, and walking by herself outside.
Thistle the Dragon/Thistle & Friends:
Thomas made all us dragons create these short biographies about ourselves. He knows I don’t like bringing attention to myself, but he still insisted. Well, he is my friend, and I suppose I ought to do as he asked. Thomas gave us three questions to answer, saying that it would be an easy way for us to tell about ourselves without the process becoming too embarrassing, so here are those questions followed by my answers:
1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?
Well, I’ve made a lot of memories, most of them vivid, but I suppose the most vivid is coming into the palace of the royal dragons for the first time and meeting Nettle. That was quite the experience. I don’t have time to tell that story now, but Thomas promised to record all my past adventures down, so I trust you will be able to read them eventually.
2: How old are you?
It depends on whether you want my age in dragon years or human years…but to make the answer simpler, I’ll tell you both. I’m ninety human years old, but dragon years are longer so I’m only fifteen in our years.
3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.
I’m a hermit dragon. That means I prefer living by myself and dislike being bothered by people, unless they are very close to me. I have very few friends, but the friends I do have are priceless. I don’t hoard treasure like most dragons do, and my favorite past-times are: sleeping, flying, or thinking about…things.
Well, there you have it. I hope this is a sufficient picture of me and will help you understand me and what I do better. (If not, don’t say so or Thomas will make me re-write it!)
Best Regards,
Thistle the Dragon
Thomasss insssisssted on usss dragonsss creating thessse ridiculousss biographiesss, and ssso I sssuppossse I mussst. Though I do hate talking about myssself and avoid it whenever posssssible. Ah, well, I’ll jussst get it over asss sssoon asss posssssible.
1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?
When my mother took me out over the sssea on my firssst flight. It wasss magnifisscent to sssay the leassst. I’ll never forget the thrillsss that ran up and down my ssspine as I ssswooped over the islandsss and wavesss with ssseagullsss sssquawking at usss and mother ssscaring them away from me with sssmall burstsss of flame. Ssshe never hurt any of them, but it wasss great fun watching them fly away from usss in terror. They were rather annoying anywaysss.
2: How old are you?
Thirty dragon yearsss, ssso that meansss I’m five human years old. Perhaps young to your way of thinking, but by dragon yearsss, I’m a young adult.
3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.
I’m a treasssure dragon. That meansss I hoard treasssure. I think it’s sssafe to tell you that, asss long asss you promissse not to sssteal any of my beautiful gold coinsss. Those coinsss are by far my favorite treasssure. I give my favorite humansss sssome of my jewelsss off and on, becaussse I don’t care much about them. I essspesscially don’t like the colored jewelsss. I love diamondsss and pearlsss, but rubiesss, sssapphiresss, emeraldsss, and jade I don’t like nearly asss much.
There. That’sss done. Hopefully I won’t get any complaintsss from you that make Thomas make me have to rewrite it.
Yoursss Truly,
Brier the Dragon
Note from Thomas, the one writing these biographies for the dragons:
Prickle usually talks very fast, in fact, so fast that only a dragon who has known him for a long time (like my friend Thistle) can understand him without him having to repeat himself. For the reader’s convenience, I have edited Prickle’s speech, making it much easier to read. His biography was a little harder than the other dragons because I was continually asking him to repeat himself and slow down. Thankfully, I had Thistle with me and he helped me by being a sort of interpreter.
I don’t really know what to write about… I mean, you already know about me, right? Well, anyways, I guess I’ll have to answer these questions whether I want to or not… Oh well, here goes nothing…
1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?
Falling off of a cliff when I was about one human year old. That was not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, one of my many cousins managed to catch me right before I hit the rocks surrounding our island. I’m forever in his debt, I must say. I was being rather careless, and it nearly cost me my life. I hadn’t learned to fly yet, being somewhat lazy when I was young. But trust me, I learned my lesson. And I learned how to fly very quickly.
2: How old are you?
I’m sixty dragon years, which makes me (I believe) ten human years. Yes, I’m older than Brier. But not by much. She’s definitely wiser.
3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.
I’m a racer dragon. That means I’m fast. Not just speed wise, although I’m definitely fast on wing. Everything about me is fast, I can’t help it, after all, I am a racer dragon and it runs in the breed. I talk fast, and I have a habit of running around things whenever I’m super excited, which happens a lot. This is found somewhat annoying to my other dragon friends, but I have tried my best to stop whenever they ask me too.
Hurrah! I’m finished! Right? Oh, good. (Please don’t make me do this again…I don’t really enjoy answering questions about myself…let’s talk about you instead next time and see how YOU like it…)
Prickle the Dragon
Here is my autobiography. I didn’t want to write it, but I will to please Thomas.
1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?
Getting my first treasure chest and putting it in my very own cave all by myself.
2: How old are you?
I am 31 human years, 186 dragon years.
3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.
I’m a treasure dragon. That means that I collect and hoard treasure. I’m not as avid about it as Brier is, and sometimes I exchange some of my gold coins for her colored jewels. For some reason she prefers the dull gold and silver to sparkling colors, which I prefer. In the end, we’re both satisfied.
Good day,
The Dragon
Greetings to all human friends! I take pen in hand, well actually, my dear friend Thomas taketh the pen in his hand, to record the following biography. It is mine and hopefully by reading it thou shalt understand me more fully than thou hast in previous days. I shalt begin by answering the following questions to my best ability:
1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?
Of course the burning of my father’s splendid castle in the Great Raid of Thorn the Terrible, otherwise known as The Terror of the Islands. I’m sure that thou hast heard of him. The mere memory of that cruel fiend still gives me shudders, though I knowest that he lies dead in the dark fortress miles from where we now live.
2: How old are you?
The very same age as Thistle, my adopted half-brother. I’m ninety human years old, and only fifteen dragon years.
3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.
I am a royal dragon. This means that the blood of Spike the Great, the first dragon to make his home on our beloved island, runs strongly through my veins. I am currently princess of my father’s many islands, and will become queen once I mate and my father dies. But I hope this is still a long time away, for I love my king father and the thought of losing him brings tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine living life without his steady mind and strong sense of justice.
Fare thee well, my human friends. I pray that your future holds only the best.
Nettle the Dragon,
Princess of the Islands

Beyond the Galaxy: (Bios coming soon!)
Kyrin Lewis:
a serious nineteen-year-old boy with a head for figures,
I drew this one...

Leali Edwards:
a gentle eighteen-year-old girl who has dreams of becoming a doctor,
I also drew this one...

Ovril Sky:
a cheerfully spontaneous fourteen-year-old girl who loves decorating,
I also drew this one...

Destin Lake: 
a sixteen-year-old boy who can strategize but has a
 quickly kindled temper,
I also drew this one...

Fovil Sky:

Destin’s thirteen-year-old brother who can cook
 anything and make it taste good
...and this one I also drew
President Arron Lake:
Father of Destin and Fovil Lake

I did not draw this one. ;)
The father of two teenaged boys, as well as being the President of the United World, keeps President Lake a busy man. After the planet earth is destroyed by a nuclear WWIII, he is the one elected to be in charge. The planet can no longer support the current population's need for food and water, so President Lake and the International Space Exploration and Colonization (ISEC) put their heads together and come up with a plan to take the younger generation and move them to other life supporting planets that the astronauts have discovered beyond their own galaxy. These people are called "The Chosen" and their story begins as a result of President Lake's plan. 

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