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Beautiful People (Part One): Danielle (Ray)


As you might have guessed from the title, I'm going to be doing a couple of these in a row. One, because I have so many characters I want to do with this in a short amount of time, and two, because I think having something organized (more or less) might help me post more often on here...*cough*Oh, believe me, I have about a thousand miles of excuses why I haven't spent more time posting on here, but I don't think they're worth wasting your own precious time recounting. So instead, just sit back and enjoy a sneak peak into the characters of the monster book I'm currently writing.

Character Number One:
(Otherwise know as Ranilla or Ray)

©Larry Rostant Perfect picture of Ranilla!
~What Can't They Live Without?~
Her faith and hope in God. If Ray didn't have that to cling too, she would be a mess. Also, she treasures her Bible and would do anything to keep it safe and out of the wrong hands.  

Go Ranilla! :)
~Name 2 Positive And 2 Negative Qualities About Your Character~
Ray is an amazing leader and spokesperson. She isn't afraid to confront people that she believes are wrong, and is pretty good at doing so in a respectful way that keeps those aforementioned people from getting mad at her.
However, she also is prone to becoming frustrated when they don't listen to her and can be quite degrading and vocal in her anger at their unbelief. She is very strong-willed and can be snarky to the point of sassiness.

Simply Divine Creation
~Are They Holding Onto Something They Should Get Rid Of?~
Fear of separation from those she loves, and painful memories from her past. Also, Ray tends to worry and doubt too much for her own good.

~If 10 Is Completely Organized And 1 Is Completely Messy, Where Do They Fall On The Scale?~
Probably about a seven or eight. Ray likes her stuff put in a certain way, but that certain way doesn't always make the most logical sense.

~What Frustrates Them About The World They Live In?~
The fact that everyone is trying their best to erase God from their world. Whether its taking His name out of their education system, or forbidding people to mention Him in public, Ray hates it all. She knows they know they can't deny God's influence on their history, or the fact that He still works in the lives of Christians now, but the fact that they still refuse to acknowledge Him as their Lord and Savior frustrates her beyond words.
Riverside High

~How Would They Dress For A Night Out? How Would They Dress For A Night In?~
Because she was adopted by an Authority family, she'd have to dress pretty nice for a night out. A fancy(ish) dress and heels would be required if she was accompanying them to a family dinner/outing. For a night in, however, Ray would prefer comfort. She would tie her hair back into a quick pony-tail and relax on her bed with her Bible dressed in pants and a tee-shirt or pajamas.

~How Many Shoes Do They Own, And What Kind?~
She came to her adopted family with one pair of shoes: worn out, converse-like shoes. Now, she has a couple more. A nice pair of heels for important outings with her family, a new pair of converse-like shoes for school, and for semi-normal outings around the City, she owns boots and sandals. (She'll wear one or the other depending on the weather.)

~Do They Have Any Pets? What Pet Do They WISH They Had?~
Sadly, no. But Ray would looooove to own a bird of come kind.

~What's Usually In Their Fridge Or Pantry?~
Anything she can manage to hide from her brothers...who have a remarkable ability to find food wherever she hides it.

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~Is There Something Or Someone They Resent? Why And What Happened?~
Ooo...I promise no spoilers...but yes. And I can't tell you why. I guess you'll just have to find out later. B-)
So there you have it. A little glimpse at one of my brand new, hot-off-the-press characters for my story "A New Name". What do you think?  


  1. Ohh, sounds cool! And the hiding food from bros- very reletable. ;)

  2. I think she's cool. Her character sketch could have a little more human depth, but I'm really excited about your new novel!

    1. Hm...yeah, she's a lot more human in character, as in my book. I realized after I wrote this post that it makes her come across as a super-spiritual person...but of course she has weaknesses like everyone else.
      Aw, thanks for the excitement! :D


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