I wrote this blog as something to do. :) But no, actually, I did have a plan. I hope to become a "real live" author soon, and so I'm sort of using this as a diving board. I have only "published" one book, The Silver Flower, and I'm hoping to publish more soon.
Right now I'm working on school, but this summer I have high hopes of accomplishing much. If anything, at least one more published book! If you are interested in buying (or sampling) my published book, go ahead and e-mail me, here's my address: 4rmeddy@excite.com
Please feel free to comment on any mistakes, as an author, I appreciate your concerns and will endeavor to fix the problems or explain things you don't understand.
Also, just as a side note, samples of any of my books are one or two chapters (depending on how long the chapters are).
So if you're interested...well, I already went into that. ;)

Read on, friends, and enjoy! :)

~The Author: Rebekah Eddy


  1. I don't have time to read your book right now, and I'd like to know what your book is about. I know you told me it would be easiest to just read it, but . . . if you are wanting to be a real author, here's a time to practice telling someone what your book is about. It doesn't have to be long, and you don't have to tell the whole plot, just give me a feel for it.
    For example: My first book, "Home Fires of the Great War" is about home life in the US and Canada during the first world war.

    1. Well, ok. I'll try.

      My book, "The Silver Flower" is about three siblings going on a mission to help free a magical elfish kingdom from under the tyranny of the king's evil counselor. With the help of a magical silver pendent in the shape of a flower, three elves from the kingdom, and an old man who knows the elves' language, the free the kingdom and help crown a new and wiser king.

      Hope that helped! :)

  2. It does. Thank you. :) I know sometimes it is harder to write a short, few sentence explanation about your longer book, but people probably won't be interested in reading it unless they have some sort of idea of what the story is about. :)

    1. Quite true. I might do a sort of advertisement on it sometime on my regular blog, so if you check into that a couple times it probably will show up next month at some point. Hopefully that will give you even more of an idea what it's like. :)

  3. Just a quick suggestion, It really, really hard to read the font that you have for the comments. Is there anyway you could back it any larger?


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