Monday, April 28, 2014

Character Bio #1: Justin Grant

Ok, so here's the first character bio and picture. I decided to do this in an "organized" fashion, giving characters in order of when they first appear...Justin Grant does come first, although Duncan is a close second. :) I added a bio so that you could sort of get to know the character better as well as having a picture of them in your mind. So, without further ado:

Justin Grant:
 Hello, I’m Justin Grant, brother to Mary Grant and twin to Duncan Grant. I’m excited to finally get to tell you about me! I like the picture…it does make me look older than I actually am though…not that that’s bad, necessarily, still…


Oh! Speaking of my age, I’m supposed to tell you about myself! Alright, here it goes:

I’m fourteen (almost fifteen) years old,

I have dark red hair (you can’t really tell that from the picture, sorry),

I have green eyes,

My favorite color is silver (the color of a full moon on a winter night),

I enjoy working with my Father in his blacksmith shop, hunting with Duncan, and learning the elves language from Old Elliot.


In case you haven’t noticed, my brother and sister and I do a lot together. Just so you know; we prefer it that way. I’ve noticed that a lot of times people think their siblings are merely burdens, but we Grants have found that the opposite is true. Siblings are a blessing, and should never be taken for granted.

We would never dream of doing anything without the others coming along with us. That sometimes got the three of us into trouble, but more often it helped whatever task we were preforming.


I should wrap this up…you should know by now that I like to talk, and sometimes I get carried away with a certain topic. I beg your pardon. J


Yours Truly,

Justin Grant


  1. This was neat :) I really like it and can't wait to read the others!

    1. I love the picture I managed to find! It portrays Justin just as I imagined him! :)


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