Monday, July 21, 2014

Surprise Story!

Just for fun, I decided to give you all a break from Alice and Alyssa. This post is going to be a story I helped write (with a lot of help from friends) during my vacation to Penial Ranch last week.
It started as a game...nine kids sat around in a circle and each one said a word. Together, all the words made a story. So here you are:

The Untitled Story
Written by:
Rebekah Eddy
Kathryn Stephenson
Maxwell Eddy
David Eddy
Grace Asa
Brier Rose Krause
Christian Banks
Jacob Miller
Marta Eddy
In a castle there isn't happiness. The elephant lived in a coffin, and Prince Flumbambububa tried to eat fried chicken, and death ate love. Though fried Prince Flumbambububa tasted like shrimp, Dum-dum loved Zachary Delano. Happiness brought love back. A lake flew into the sun. Zachary Delano saved Dum-dum from fire. The turkey kissed Dum-sum because Zachary Delano hated Thanksgiving. However, the platypus ate a pop tart. Zachary Delano was still angry. The dead elephant survived the fire and married the turkey. And in the end, Zachary Delano jumped off a mountain with Dum-dum and they died together.
Sorry, this story turned out kind of sad. As a side note, Zachary Delano was one of the ranch's staff members. He's fun to tease, so that's probably why he ended up in the story.


  1. I laughed as I read this trying to make sense of it. It's really funny!! :-)

    1. Thanks. We tried to have a happy story, but a couple of the guys (I won't metion names...) decided to be "funny" and change it. *rolls eyes*. Well, I hope they enjoyed making the story with us... :)
      Sorry about the long time between posts, I'm planning on giving you the next part of Alice & Alyssa SOON!! :)


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