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Thistle the Dragon 2: Part Two

Sorry, this part is pretty long, so I'm breaking it into two smaller sections for an easier read. :) Here you are, section one of part two:

The rising sun cast it’s golden rays over the waters, and it’s dancing colors flickered around Thistle’s reflection as he skimmed over the sea. Dead ahead of him was Brier’s island, and in no time at all he had landed in front of her cave. He roared his own roar, the way by which other dragons would know it was him.

A scratching of scales on rock told him that Brier was on her way out to meet him, and finally Brier herself arrived, blinking in the early morning sunlight.

“Cousssin?” She asked with a puzzled air.

“I need your help Brier.” Thistle said, getting right to the point. “Thomas, my human friend, and I both had a dream last night that someone was in trouble and needed our help. Finding that someone requires us to search all the islands.”

“And you need dragonsss to help sssearch.” Brier finished, nodding her head wisely. “Of courssse I ssshall come.”

Thistle looked around him. “You don’t think the chieftain will cause trouble while you’re gone?”

Brier laughed. “No, he will not. He ssstill doesssn’t know where he isss after eight yearsss. I doubt he’ll find out in the ssshort time we’re gone.”

“Splendid.” Thistle was relieved. “I have a few more dragons to collect before we begin our search of the islands, would you like to come?”

“Of courssse!”

With that, the two dragons rose into the air, and Thistle began to fly towards his next destination.


It only took a few minutes of steady flying before Thistle saw what he had been looking for. The racer dragons all lived on an island that seemed to be one giant cliff. Once closer, Thistle noticed the thousands and thousands of cracks and crevices that webbed the cliff faces, but he still was taken aback at the size of Prickle’s island.

Being a hermit dragon, Thistle was known for staying out of and avoiding trouble, so the racer dragon island authorities gave him free access without trouble. Brier caused some worry, since she was a treasure dragon, but Thistle promised to keep her out of trouble and the authorities grudgingly let her go with him.

Following his directions from them, Thistle found Prickle’s home. Again, he gave his roar, and Prickle danced out to meet him.

“It’ssososogoodtoseeyou!” he began, talking as if there were no such things as spaces between words. “Haveyouhadbreakfast? Areyoumarriedyet? Whatareyoudoinghere?”

Thistle had to have him repeat it and then answered his questions as best as he could. “No, I haven’t had breakfast, but I’m not hungry. No, I’m not married, why on earth would you ask that?” Prickle began to answer, but Thistle hurriedly continued, “Never mind, I don’t want to know. I’m here because I want you to help me.”

Prickle cocked his head, turning beady, inquisitive eyes up to Thistle. “Whatdoyou needmyhelpwith? Itcan’tbeverydangerous,becauseI’monlyaracerdragon,andracerdragonsare small,whichmeanswecan’thelpwithverydangerousthings.”

“Of course it’s not very dangerous! I just need help finding someone in trouble. I don’t know where that someone is, so I need your help to search the islands.”

“ThenI’llhelp!” Prickle exclaimed in excitement. “Ialway’swantedtohelpsomeonewho neededhelp.”

“Wonderful!” Thistle smiled. “However, before we start our search we have some more dragon’s to get.”

Prickle’s face fell. “I’llhavetowaittocomewithyouuntiltheotherdragonsarewithyou?” He asked dejectedly.

“You could come with us if you want to Prickle. Do you?”

“DoIdoIdoI?” Asked Prickle, his face lighting up again. “OfcourseIdo! Whendowestart? Wherearewegoing?” In his excitement, Prickle began running circles around Brier, much to the treasure dragon’s disgust.

“We’re going next…”Thistle began, (to which Prickle started chanting, “goodygoodygoodygoody…” over and over again, and probably would have continued except that Thistle stopped him by continuing.) “But only if you stop running around Brier in that ridiculous manner.”

Immediately Prickle stopped, coming up to Thistle as meekly as a lamb. “Istopped.” He said.

Thistle smothered a chuckle and turned to Brier. “Shall we go then?”

Brier shrugged. “Sscertainly!”

Together, the three dragons launched themselves into the air. Thistle took the lead, because he knew where they were going, and Brier followed him closely. Prickle, on the other hand, flew circles around the two slower dragons as well as sometimes lagging behind to look at something that interested him and then zipping ahead to see what direction they were headed.


Soon Thistle saw the next destination come into view. He swooped down onto the island; landing in front of what he knew was Bramble’s cave. He gave his roar, and Bramble ambled out to meet him.

Thistle got right to the point. “I need your help Bramble. A friend and I had the same dream last night about someone who needed our help. We don’t know who it is that needs us, but we have the feeling they need us soon. One dragon could never search all the islands in time, so I’m collecting my friends to help. Brier here, and Prickle, who is going to stop running around you in circles right now, both volunteered to help, can you?”

Bramble took his time, considering all the advantages and disadvantages. Thistle and Brier understood that this was how Bramble always dealt with decisions, but Prickle got antsy and began running circles again, after having stopped when Thistle gave him a terrible look.

“I can’t think while he’s doing that!” Bramble grumbled. “Make him stop!”

Immediately Prickle halted in his tracks and sat down, looking as innocent as a dragon could ever look. Thistle shot him a quick you-had-better-not-do-that-again look and Bramble went back to musing.

Finally, Bramble seemed to come to a decision. “I will come.” He said.

Thistle smiled, “That’s wonderful!”

“Shall we go? Surely you’re eager to be on your way.” Bramble replied knowingly.

“Indeed I am,” Thistle admitted. “Let’s go.”

Once more the dragon friends rose into the air, Thistle taking the lead, Brier and Bramble close behind, and Prickle flying circles around the slower dragons.
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