Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thistle & Friends: Bio #5

Last Bio! Hope you had fun reading all of them! :D Next post, Alice & Alyssa! :)

Greetings to all human friends! I take pen in hand, well actually, my dear friend Thomas taketh the pen in his hand, to record the following biography. It is mine and hopefully by reading it thou shalt understand me more fully than thou hast in previous days. I shalt begin by answering the following questions to my best ability:

1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?

Of course the burning of my father’s splendid castle in the Great Raid of Thorn the Terrible, otherwise known as The Terror of the Islands. I’m sure that thou hast heard of him. The mere memory of that cruel fiend still gives me shudders, though I knowest that he lies dead in the dark fortress miles from where we now live.

2: How old are you?

The very same age as Thistle, my adopted half-brother. I’m ninety human years old, and only fifteen dragon years.

3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.

I am a royal dragon. This means that the blood of Spike the Great, the first dragon to make his home on our beloved island, runs strongly through my veins. I am currently princess of my father’s many islands, and will become queen once I mate and my father dies. But I hope this is still a long time away, for I love my king father and the thought of losing him brings tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine living life without his steady mind and strong sense of justice.

Fare thee well, my human friends. I pray that your future holds only the best.


Nettle the Dragon,

Princess of the Islands

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