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Alice & Alyssa: Epilogue

And, the final post for Alice & Alyssa. How did you like it? Are you looking forward to being able to buy it when the time comes? Which character was your favorite? Which one reminded you most of yourself?
Enjoy reading the end of my book! :D
The Magic Saber will be finished next, then y'all will vote on the next story you want to read. :)

Bouncing up and down in the seat of their aunt’s car, Alice and Alyssa could hardly contain their excitement. After a long summer, they were finally able to visit their parents in the hospital. And their aunt had even allowed them to bring Diana Wood, their best friend, along with them!

“How much longer until we’re there?” Alice asked for the umpteenth time.

“Only a few miles,” her aunt patiently answered as she braked to stop at a red light.

“Troy, Rebel, and Star could have gotten us there twice as fast,” Alyssa murmured to her twin and friend. The girls exchanged secret smiles.

“We wouldn’t have had to stop at red lights at any rate,” Alice whispered back. Then, she added aloud, “You didn’t forget our story Lyssa, did you?” She had begun calling her twin that ever since they had returned from their adventure and the nickname had stuck.

“Nope,” her twin answered, grinning at her sister. “But thanks for the reminder to keep it with me when we go into the hospital.”

Their aunt smiled at the three girls in the rear view mirror. “I’m so proud of you two for creating such an interesting story, and you too Diana for helping them. I have to admit, your book was the first story I’ve read in a long time, and I really enjoyed it.”

“I’m glad you liked it Auntie,” Alyssa replied.

Just then, the car turned into the hospital parking lot and once their aunt had parked it near the front, the girls piled out and stretched their cramped legs.

“It’s almost as bad as riding for hours, only my legs are sore, not my backside,” Alice grumbled.

Alyssa and Diana grinned at each other. The adventure they had gone through together hadn’t changed Alice’s pessimistic nature at all.

“Try to brighten up at least a little bit for Mom and Dad, hey?” Alyssa begged.

Alice rolled her eyes. “Ok, ok.”

They followed their aunt into the hospital and it wasn’t long before a tall nurse was leading them to a room in the back of it.

“Here are your parents’ room girls. They’ve been pretty excited to finally be able to see you.” The nurse smiled and opened the door.

The next moment both girls were in the arms of their happy parents.

“Oh Dad,” Alice whispered, brushing a tear from her eye. “I’m so, so glad to see you awake and well.”

She felt his deep chuckle rumble up in his chest next to her cheek that was resting on it, and she smiled.

“I’m glad too honey,” he said.

Alice switched with her twin and hugged her mom. “You look a lot better Mom,” she said.

“I feel a lot better, Alice,” her mom answered with a quiet smile.

Diana stood awkwardly in the doorway until Alyssa suddenly realized that they had forgotten her.

“I’m so sorry, Diana!” She yelped in dismay. She pulled her friend over to her parents. “This is our best friend, Diana Wood,” Alyssa proudly presented. “She lives in the same neighborhood that Auntie does.”

Mrs. Dighton smiled and held out a welcoming hand to her daughters’ friend. “I’m so excited to meet you, Diana!”

“And I am too,” Mr. Dighton added, a giant smile lighting up his face. “Though, how you could possibly make friends with these two…” he trailed off.

“Dad!” The twins yelped in unison. Then they saw he was teasing and burst into laughter which their parents and Diana joined in.

“Oh, and before I forget,” Alyssa added, “Alice and I have been working on something all summer, and I wanted to show it to you.”

Proudly, she placed their finished book in the hands of her parents. A few minutes ticked by as they read the first chapter.

“Wow,” their mom said quietly. “That’s an amazing project.”

“You wrote this during the summer, this summer?” Their dad asked in disbelief, picking it up and beginning to read the first chapter.

Alice and Alyssa nodded.

“How did your wrists put up with all that writing?” Their mom asked with concern.

“They were full of complaints at first,” Alice answered, “but after a friend put some soothing salve on the most troublesome one, they behaved themselves much better.”

Her mom reached out and took her daughters hands. “Let me see, honey.”

Alice yielded, thankful that the pink residue had faded considerably.

“They look ok, but this one seems to be more inflamed. See how it’s a darker shade of pink?”

“It feels fine Mom,” Alice quickly assured her. “The salve left a little residue, that’s all. It’ll fade to my normal skin color over time.”

“Ok Alice,” her mom said. “But let me know if they start bothering you again.”

“I will,” Alice promised.

Now her mom’s attention turned back to the book in her lap. “I’m so proud of you two for writing a book. It looks really interesting!”

“Leave it here for us to read,” Mr. Dighton pleaded. “It already got me hooked, and I’m only on the second chapter!”

“It’s amazing how realistic you were even when it’s in an imaginary world,” their mom added thoughtfully.

“Yeah…almost like you were actually there while it happened,” their dad agreed.

“Well…” Alyssa looked at her twin hopelessly. “It’s a long story. Enjoy reading it.”

“We will,” her parents promised.







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