Monday, January 25, 2016

Beyond the Galaxy: Chapter Three

Yay! Next chapter! Any one else excited? Anyone? Anyone? Well then, without further ado, I give you:

Chapter Three: Ovril’s Story

I had always wanted my life to change dramatically. Ever since I can remember I lived with my grandpa and grandma in the country. But when they both died, I was sent to a Teen Center in the city. I was sad of course, but I was a busy girl, and had always wanted to live in a city. They’re always so full of hustle and bustle.

Teen Centers, however, are not. I found the scheduled activities and rigid rules terribly depressing. I wanted to get out and try my wings. I wanted some space I could call my own and a place I could call my home. Yes, that was supposed to rhyme.

I’m a “the glass is always half full” girl, and so I always try to look on the bright side. In the TC, a bright side was very hard to find. Even the paint and wallpaper is gray and beige, no color, no excitement. I had friends, making friends was always easy for me, but I hadn’t found anyone that I would call a best friend.

Then, the change I had longed for came. I had finally convinced the director of the TC to let me paint the girl’s sleeping room and was working on a ladder with a paintbrush on the very top of the wall when the director came in.

“We’re having a meeting in the activity room,” she announced, startling me so much that I almost toppled off the ladder and spilled bright green paint all over my jeans.

“Ok,” I answered. “Can’t I finish this layer?”

“How long would it take?”

“An hour? Maybe an hour and a half?”

“You’ll have to stop.”

I shrugged. “That’s fine. I’ll take my apron off though.”

“Hurry please.”

I hurried and pretty soon we were all crowded into the TC’s activity room. A woman in a suit seemed to be the center of attention. She certainly had an air of no nonsense about her, and when she spoke, everyone paid attention to what she said.

She asked for volunteers to take a test. She warned us, if you wanted to call it that, that it might change our lives forever.

I was all for it. What surprised me was that I was the only volunteer. I had thought that everyone would want to change their future, but I guess I was wrong. So I ended up going with the lady to the testing center by myself.


What is your name?

Ok. We were off to a good start. Usually I hate taking tests, but this didn’t seem so bad.

Ovril Sky.

Hello Ovril. How old are you?

I smiled. This test seemed less and less scary.

14, I typed.

Using as few words as possible, explain your family situation.

Oh man… they had to throw a painful question in there. I sucked in my breath and quickly typed in my answer.

I don’t know what happened to my parents. I think they died pretty soon after I was born. I was brought up by my grandparents, and when they died, I had no more relations. Or if I did, they didn’t want me.

I submitted my answer while swallowing back tears. I hate sad questions. Thankfully, the next one wasn’t so bad.

What do you think your talents are?

My sadness melted into a smile. I knew this one.

Cheerfulness no matter what the circumstances, I make friends easily, I’m creative.

The next question was harder.

What are your weaknesses?

My face wrinkled into a thoughtful frown. I wondered where I should begin. Finally, I submitted my answer.

I tend to come up with crazy ideas and never get to actually doing them, my emotions can be unstable sometimes.

That would do for now at any rate. I wouldn’t want to bore them with all my failings. The next question was kind of weird.

Is there anything on earth that you would miss if you left it forever?

By now I suspected something, but I gave an honest answer.


What was there to miss? For me, nothing. I submitted the answer.


I stared at the screen. Obviously, whoever made these tests were trying to make whoever took them frustrated. And it was working. A frown darkening my face, I rigidly typed out my answer.

Did you read any of my other answers? I have no family stupid computer. I mean, duh! Use your… whatever they’re called… gigabytes to figure these things out!

 Amazingly, they took that answer. Even with the chilling sarcasm. The next screen flashed up and I barely repressed an excited squeal.

Congratulations Ovril, you have been selected as one of The Chosen! You should be so proud to become a part of one of the biggest colonization movements in the history of the world. Click “continue” to learn more.

I immediately clicked the blinking, green “continue” button at the bottom of the screen.

Next you will be brought to a space ship by one of the test administrators. There, you and twelve other teenagers will be sent to a specially selected planet where you will train for one of the three positions in the civilization system there. Click “continue” to learn more.

My excitement mounted higher. This sounded awesome! How exhilarating this would be for me!

The three positions are Builder, Warrior, or Medic. You will be chosen for one of these positions based on your strengths and weaknesses which you submitted to us through the test. Click the green “I am willing” button if you wish to proceed. Otherwise, chose the red “I refuse” button and you will be…

I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the paragraph. I knew I wanted to go. I clicked the “I am willing” button. The screen clicked off, but I wasn’t worried. A hand was laid on my shoulder, and the lady who had brought me to the testing place escorted me back to her car. We were on our way to what was going to be the craziest, awesomest, most cool adventure ever. And yeah, did I mention that it was going to be AWESOME??





  1. Oh, I love Orvil!!! Great chapter, Rebekah!! :-)

  2. I believe Orvil is going to be my favorite character.
    R. Franklin

    1. She is a lot of fun... but I can't tell you just how yet. Have to keep you in suspense, right? B-)


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