Monday, February 15, 2016

Getting to Know My Characters

A friend of mine, Emily McConnell, put this game on her blog. I looked it over, chuckled gleefully to myself, and decided I'd post it on here for you all to enjoy.

Let me outline the "rules" briefly:

First, I made a list of twelve characters and numbered them like this:

1. Alice
2. Alyssa
3. Raynold
4. Malcolm
5. Chrystal
6. Megan
7. Thorac
8. Thistle the Dragon
9. “Cowgirl” Cassie
10. Valkin Tredhale
11. Fovil Lake
12. Laeli Edwards
I did this BEFORE anything else. If I had looked at the rest of the game, it wouldn't have been NEARLY as entertaining as it turned out to be. Believe me. ;)

Next, I answered the questions Emily put on her blog and inserted the names of my characters in the place where she had put their number. Here's what happened when I answered them:

Question One: While out on a walk, “Chrystal” and “Valkin Tredhale” happen upon little, lost and frightened “Malcolm”, who has lost his parents. Do they take “Malcolm” to the police for the police to take care of or do they help “Malcolm” find “Malcolm’s” parents themselves?
So, technically, Malcolm’s parents are dead… But let’s say this is when Malcolm and Chrystal were both a lot younger. Probably Valkin (being an elf) would help him out and Chrystal would be all for comforting the little guy. ;)


Question Two: While on the bus, “Thistle the Dragon” realizes his wallet is missing. Does “Thistle the Dragon” blame the person sitting next to him (who happens to be “Alyssa”), or does “Thistle the Dragon” go searching for the wallet instead?
If dragons HAD wallets or if dragons could fit on a bus in the first place, he’d just go search for it himself…probably too embarrassed and shy to ask for help from anyone but his good friend Thomas. ;) Though had Alyssa known he had lost his wallet, she would have been MORE than willing to help.


Question Three: “Cowgirl Cassie” has a great fear of ducks. Does “Raynold” laugh when he finds out or try to help “Cowgirl Cassie” get over it?
He would probably try to help. They might both laugh about it later though. ;)


Question Four: “Laeli Edwards” is the greatest detective in New York City. When sent on a new case to figure out who stole the statue of liberty, “Laeli Edwards” narrows it down to three suspects: “Valkin Tredhale”, “Megan” and “Thorac”. Who is the least likely to have done it and who is the most likely to have done it?
Well the obvious answer to the last question, namely, “who done it?” is Thorac…I just realized he’s the only villain I have up there…oops. I guess I really can’t change that now. ;)
But the answer to the second question is probably a tie between Megan and Valkin. Neither would have even dreamt of stealing the statue of liberty. :)



Question Five: “Fovil Lake” is accused of stealing “Chrystal’s” cookies. Did “Fovil Lake” do it or not?
Probably. Sounds like something he might do. ;) Whether Chrystal would have let him get away with it is another story. Careful Fovil, she may have let you steal one without sugar in it! ;)


Question Six: “Alice”, “Thistle the Dragon” and “Raynold” are best friends. They do everything together and share all their deepest secrets. When “Thistle the Dragon” finds out that everyone at school knows his secret truth that he loves baby turtles (which is very embarrassing to “Thistle the Dragon”), does “Thistle the Dragon” suspect “Alice” or “Raynold”? Would “Thistle the Dragon” confront either one? Would “Thistle the Dragon” be really upset or just roll with it? Finally, who is the most likely to have blabbed that secret, “Alice” or “Raynold”?
He might suspect them a little, but he’d make sure before confronting either. However, after the secret was out, he’d probably just not talk about turtles at all and hope everyone forgets all about it. Raynold would have probably been the culprit. Alice may have told Alyssa and maybe Diana…but all in all, she’s much better at keeping a secret. Especially secrets about animals, since she (unlike Alyssa) doesn’t particularly care about them.


Question Seven: There’s been an invasion and America has been taken over by bad guys! When caught and told he either has to join or die, would “Valkin Tredhale” join the bad guys or not? Is “Chrystal” terrified and hiding or trying to fight back? And where would “Alyssa” be during this whole scary event?
Valkin would definitely NOT join the bad guys. No doubts on that one! However, he may try to pretend to join and then fight back as a spy behind the enemies lines.
Chrystal would do as much as she could to fight back (probably by helping behind-the-scenes since back in her life time girls weren’t allowed to fight).
Alyssa would probably be smack-dab in middle of wherever there was most trouble. And dragging Alice along with her. ;)


Question Eight: If given the choice between ice cream and cake, what would “Megan” choose?
Probably ice cream. But she doesn’t like a whole lot of sweet things. However, she does have a weakness for ripe cherries. ;)


Question Nine: “Cowgirl Cassie” is getting married. Who does “Cowgirl Cassie” choose as her maid of honor, “Laeli Edwards”, “Fovil Lake” or “Malcolm”? Of the three, who would be hurt if he/she wasn’t chosen? Who would do the best job at being the maid of honor?
Ok, so this answer is pretty obvious. Since there’s only one girl, Cassie would choose Laeli. But don’t worry, Malcolm and Fovil wouldn’t mind AT ALL! ;) And Laeli would do a beautiful job as a maid of honor. :)


Question Ten: “Alice” is working very hard on a novel, but when “Chrystal” happens to read it over “Alice’s” shoulder, she laughs. Does “Alice” either
a) tell “Chrystal” to leave,
b) tell “Chrystal” that “Megan” loves the story and “Chrystal’s” opinion doesn’t matter,
c) cry about it or
d) drag “Chrystal” out of the room and lock “Chrystal” out of the house?
How does “Chrystal” react to what “Alice” does?
Alice would probably glower at Chrystal and tell her that if she doesn’t like it maybe she should try herself. But, since that wasn’t an option, the closest I can say is probably choice A “tell Chrystal to leave”. Chrystal probably would do so with a smile and quick “sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, it’ll get better with more practice I’m sure.”

And, just for fun, I tagged on this Bonus story…boy, the things I never would have guessed about my characters! ;)


BONUS STORY: Once upon a time there was a little girl named little “Laeli” riding hood. “Laeli Edwards” was asked by her mother, “Megan”, to go and check on “Laeli’s” grandfather, “Thorac”. “Laeli” happily agreed and went on her merry way, glad to be out of the house and always happy to go and visit “Thorac”. But on the way, “Laeli” runs into the big bad “Thistle the Dragon”, who demands to know where “Laeli” is going.

“I don’t talk to strangers,” “Laeli” stated flatly.

“Well that’s too bad because I happen to have candy,” “Thistle the Dragon” tried.

“Laeli”, whose great weakness is candy, thinks about this trade of information for the sweet treat. But then “Laeli” remembers what the great and wise “Raynold” told “Laeli” once, “Candy is not the answer to the problems of the world.”

“No,” “Laeli” says at last, and goes on her own way.

Now “Thistle the Dragon” really wanted to get money from kidnapping “Laeli” because “Thistle the Dragon” is broke and spent all his money. So “Thistle the Dragon” tries to sneakily follow “Laeli” through the forest, only to run into “Raynold”, “Alyssa” and “Alice”, who are having a picnic and discussing politics.

“What are you?” “Alyssa” asks, unimpressed.

“I am the big bad “Thistle the Dragon” and I’m going to get myself some money, so stop talking to me,” “Thistle the Dragon” snarls.

“Fine, see if we care,” “Raynold” shrugs, and then goes back to the picnic with “Alice” and “Alyssa”.

Meanwhile “Laeli” makes it to grandfather “Thorac’s” house and raps on the door, unaware that there is danger ahead. “Grandfather “Thorac”, it’s me, “Laeli”! I’m here to visit!”

“Come in!” says a strange voice that sounds a lot like the big bad “Thistle the Dragon”.

Huh that’s weird, “Laeli” thinks, but comes in anyways.

Inside, “Laeli” is shocked to find not only “Thistle the Dragon”, like she had thought, but also “Valkin Tredhale”, “Cowgirl Cassie” and “Fovil Lake”, “Thistle the Dragon’s” evil minions! “Malcolm” is there, too, but is a rather unintimidating squirrel that only screeches in displeasure.

“Get her!” “Thistle the Dragon” declares, and “Valkin Tredhale”, “Cowgirl Cassie” and “Fovil Lake” spring into action.

“Laeli” thinks fast and bolts out the door, the evil minions on her tail. “Laeli” runs straight to “Chrystal” and “Megan’s” house, the twins. “Help, help! The big bad “Thistle the Dragon” is trying to kidnap me!” “Laeli” cries.

“Chrystal” and “Megan”, who happen to be ninjas and trained in fighting off evil minions like “Valkin Tredhale”, “Cowgirl Cassie” and “Fovil Lake”, instantly rise to their feet from their lunch of honey sandwiches and defeat the bad guys. They chase after “Thistle the Dragon”, who was still hiding in “Thorac’s” house and have  him arrested by “Alice” the police officer, who stopped talking about politics long enough to show up and throw “Thistle the Dragon” in jail. “Laeli” thanks the twins and told “Thorac” all about her scary adventure, to which “Thorac” replied, “Ah, that reminds me of a story when I was young when…”

So...what did you think? Hilarious? Silly? Didn't-make-any-sense-and-you-wish-you-hadn't-just-wasted-a-whole-fifteen-minutes-reading-this-post?

Let me know! ;)


  1. Oh, I loved reading this! It made me laugh!
    I did this and the answers were hilarious as well! I should post them on my blog. . ;)

    1. I liked reading your post. It was hilarious!! XD

  2. That was really fun! I had a blast reading it!

  3. Thanks for posting! That was hilariously silly. I tried this too, and it turned out really funny...and productive.
    R. Franklin

    1. It does make you think some, doesn't it? It also gives a lot of laughs. ;P

  4. So glad you enjoyed, Rebekah, and it was hilarious to read your answers! Hahahahaha I was laughing. ;)

    1. I bet. :) I laughed while writing it... my siblings laughed while I read it to them... as did a friend who read it. XD I really loved doing it!
      Might make up some crazy questions myself... B-)

  5. Hahahaha, these are hilarious!! :D Your answer to Question #9 turned out better than mine. Since the girl had three guys to choose from... O_o LOL.
    Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!

    1. They can come out kinda strange, huh? ;) You're welcome for sharing! I'm glad you liked it! :D


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