Thursday, February 4, 2016

Infinity Dreams Tag!

A big thank you to Jesseca Dawn and her blog! I looked forward to doing this, but I have to admit right now that I won't be able to come up with ELEVEN bloggers to tag. Unless I re-tag people. So please feel free to do this on your blog if you haven't done it yet! :)

Here are the rules:

Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers
    Here are the eleven facts:

    1. Math and grammar are my nemeses in the school world. Surprised? Probably not. ;)
    2. My favorite animal is a horse and always has been since I can remember.
    3. I wrote my first complete story when I was eight. It was horrible. ;)
    4. I like ice cream better than cake or cookies.
    5. I've gone to Canada and Ethiopia...but only two states in the U.S. (Washington and Oregon)
    6. My sister is reading over my shoulder and giving wry comments on my terrible grammar and spelling. ;) And emoticons.
    7. I've been blogging for over two years.
    8. I play three musical instruments: the piano, the flute, and the ukulele. :)
    9. I'm extremely photogenic. (That means I actually smiled when a camera is pointed in my direction. :P)
    10. I usually wear skirts, not jeans on an everyday basis.
    11. The colors I wear most are black and gray. Despite my colorful personality. ;)

    And...the questions!

    1. What is your favorite movie?
    WHAT???? ONLY ONE???? Ok, look...I'll narrow it down to three Satisfied?
    Big Hero 6
    The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
    The Giver
    2. Favorite genre of books?
    Interesting books. (a.k.a historical fiction and some fantasy)
    3. Books that are releasing in 2016 you are looking forward to reading?
    The Silent Blade by Jesseca Wheaton
    The Last Ride by Mrs. Marlow
    A book that my sister Sarah is writing that actually does not yet have a title. But it's going to be good. :)
    4. If you could travel anywhere in the U.S., where would you go? 
    Wisconsin!! (My oldest brother is doing seminary there.)
    5. Do you play any instruments? 
    The piano, the flute, and the ukulele. I own a slide whistle, but that hardly counts. ;)

    6. What is your favorite classical song?

    This changes all the time. But I always enjoy the songs in "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky.

    7. Surprise! You've just been given a ticket to meet your favorite author! Who is it?

    Does this mean I can go back in time? If so, I'd be on my way to meeting C. S. Lewis or L. M. Montgomery. If not, I'd probably either go to where Andrew Peterson is or meet Mrs. Marlow. I've already had to privilege of meeting two other favorite authors last year. ;)

    8. Favorite outdoor activity?

    Playing volleyball or other field games with friends from church, or just walking with a sibling and spending some one-on-one time with them. :)

    9. Would you rather do laundry or clean the kitchen? (I know, I'm making you work ;P) 

    Depends on how much laundry or how big a mess in the kitchen. Both are pretty equal in my mind. :)

    10. What is you favorite book in the Bible and why is it your favorite?

    Ok. WHY ask this question!!! It's SO HARD to answer! Here's a few of my favorites:
    Proverbs: because of its practical, down-to-earth verses that you can easily apply to everyday life.
    Psalms: They're just beautiful! Each is different from the others. Each a unique work of art. Who says "ancient man" was illiterate? ;)
    Romans: If someone has any doubts about their belief in God, here's the book for them! Paul gives us a wonderful, logical look at our faith and why we should believe what we believe.
    Ruth: A picture of how one can be faithful even when they have no apparent reason for it. God blesses those who trust in Him...even when they don't know Him!
    Ester: God takes care of those who love Him. No matter how bad the situation might appear.
    Philippians: Keep your mind pure. Fill it with God and nothing else will fit. Plus lots more that I'll never be able to fit into one blog post! ;)
    And that's only a FEW. I could have given you WAY more, believe me!

    11: Who is your favorite historical character and why? 
    Other than Jesus I'm assuming? That's the easy answer. ;)
    Oh my. Where do I even begin? There are so many I'll NEVER be able to limit myself to one. Maybe I'll just stick with the easy answer. ;)


    Here's who I'm nominating:
    YOU ALL! Have fun! ;) Don't worry, it's optional. :)

    Hope you had fun reading my answers! Let me know if you're doing the tag and I'll drop by your blog and read your answers! :) And, knowing me, I'll end up commenting too. ;P



    1. I never would have guessed that you didn't like grammar!
      I like it. . .a little bit too much. a few of my siblings call me a grammar Nazi.
      And I wear skirts all the time as well! I almost never wear pants. :)

      It was so fun to read all your answers!! Thanks so much for doing the tag. :D
      Do you enjoy the Ukulele? My sister has one that she got for her birthday and she's hoping to take lessons soon. :)

      1. Oh, and what is Sarah's book about? I LOVED "Secret Sabotage"; it was really good. I'll definitely want to read any other ones she writes!!

      2. I enjoy the ukulele a lot. It's one of my more relaxing instruments since I'm teaching it to myself. :)
        Read 2nd Timothy. :) Now I'll tell you: it's about Timothy trying to get to Paul before winter...and trying to bring him his cloak and manuscripts and staying out of the way of Alexander the Coppersmith...and trying to convince John Mark to come with him. I'd explain better, but I don't want to give too much away. ;)

    2. I totally agree with your Fact #4! Ice cream is always best. ;)
      What is a slide whistle? I've never heard of that.
      I used the same historical character you did when I posted my answers today! It made me not have to think as hard. ;)
      I enjoyed reading your answers Rebekah!

      1. Have you ever seen a trombone? A slide whistle is like that crossed with a recorder. In other words, very difficult to explain. Maybe I'll post some pictures of mine sometime to help. :)

    3. I have a slide whistle too! Well, I think that's what it is anyways. ;)
      I loved reading your answers, Rebekah! And your new profile picture is SO pretty! :)


      1. Cool! We'll have to try playing a duet when and if we ever meet! ;P

      2. Oh, and thanks. I like my new profile picture too. :) We had a friend take a bunch this year and they turned out really well. :)

    4. I loved reading your answers, Rebekah! It was fun getting to know you a little better. :)

      1. I'm glad you liked my answers! I always like answering them. :)


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