Thursday, March 31, 2016


You may notice that a few pages have been added to my blog...let me explain why they're there:
The "Alice & Alyssa" page: this is the complete story. It is as of yet un-edited by a professional, so you will undoubtedly find a great deal of mistakes. Beg pardon. ;)
The "Stories in Progress" page: this page contains the two stories I've been posting off and on most recently "The Princess & I" and "Beyond the Galaxy".
The "Short Stories" page: this has all the shorter-than-ten-parts stories that I've posted on this blog. The titles and various parts are links to the original post that was published.
The "Character Bios" page: here I have a few characters from my more famous works (doesn't that make them sound waaay more professional?? ;P) like The Silver Flower, Alice & Alyssa, Beyond the Galaxy, Thistle the Dragon, and Thistle & Friends.
Hopefully this will make accessing the my stories a lot simpler. I've been trying to get my blogs a little more up to speed might have let me know if this helps you at all. :)


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