Saturday, May 21, 2016

Explanation of Absence

Explanation: Yeah, I know I've been neglecting this blog sadly. Truth is, first I had writer's block for a couple weeks, then my computer's charging cord broke so I had to order a new one (which means that my computer died so I wasn't able to write my stories anyways), then I went on vacation. that I'm back, and the computer cord arrived while we were gone, I will hopefully be able to start posting the chapters again. I'm so sorry about the long wait...especially with no warning, but anyways.

Good news: I was able to overcome my writer's block and the chapters of "The Princess & I" and "Beyond the Galaxy" are cranking out at a much better pace! Thanks to a nice, long conversation with my older brother and some helpful hints from other bloggers. :)

Announcement: I've taken on the challenge to write 100 words a day (at least) and have managed to keep up so far, despite being crazy busy and my computer's battery dying a day after the cord broke. Some new short stories I'm working on:

>>Out of Darkness
Genre: Historical fiction
Time-period: Sometime right before the French Revolution
Basic plot: A young man awakens to a lump on his head and finds that he has absolutely NO memory of the past. When taken in by an aristocratic French family, he frantically tries to find out who he is while helping his adopted family survive the French Revolution.

>>Ocean Mist
Genre: Fiction
Time-period: Modern-day
Basic plot: Three PKs get more than they asked for while on a vacation to the ocean with their dad and mom.

>>A New Name
Genre: Fiction
Time-period: Future-modern-day
Basic plot: In a nation that calls Christianity and homeschooling "backwards" and "uneducated", Abigail is a forbidden name. Not only is it a name from the past, but a biblical name nonetheless. Taken from her parents because they chose to teach her about God and homeschool her, she is given a new name and a new family. But the government's plan backfires when Abigail decides to use the separation to lead others to Christ. Against all odds, and in defiance of the earthly authorities, she becomes a ray of light in a land of spiritual darkness.

Tune in next time for the next chapter of "The Princess & I"! :)


  1. I *suppose* I can take that excuse as a reason for no more of "The Princess and I" or "Beyond the Galaxy" in like an ETERNITY... I suppose.

    Wow, all those new stories sound amazing! :)
    "Out of Darkness" sounds especially wonderful!! (And I may or may not have a story with a tentative title of "Against Darkness"...but it might change to "More Than Conquerors". ;))
    A story of PKs -- yay!!! :D

    1. I'm sure no one has ever used that title before. (That was sarcastic) "Out of Darkness" is SO original! (More sarcasm)...However, it fit the story, so. *shrug* ;)

  2. Yay!! You're back!! :)

    I'm really looking forward to the next part of "The Princess and I"!!! I've been waiting for forever! *sighs dramatically* I wasn't sure I'd make it much longer ...

    Oh, Out of Darkness sounds really good! Probably because I'm a historical fiction nut .. ;)
    But the others sounds really good as well!!! I'm looking forward to hearing/reading more about them!! :D

    1. I know, sorry. *hides* now know what's been keeping me so busy. B-)

  3. Oooo... those sound so interesting! I'm especially looking forward to that last one!

    1. Hopefully they are...that's the goal. ;)


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