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Beautiful People (Part Two): Cade Ashpen

Now that THAT's out of the way. Let the next Beautiful People Post begin! ;)

If he could see me now, Cade would kill me for putting him under "beautiful people". XD So, for my sake....please don't tell him I'm doing this. Everyone ready for part two?
(If it's possible, I like Cade even MORE than Ray. But don't tell either of them I said that. I'm trusting you guys. Don't fail me.)

Found a face for Cade, too!
Character Number Two:
Cade Ashpen
(No least, none he'd let me tell YOU guys about)
Cade quote. XD
~What Can't They Live Without?~
Cade is known for his incredible video gaming skills. Whether its playing complicated war games that require immense amounts of concentration and strategizing genius or even creating his own games with the use of a vast network of technical knowledge. So probably, he wouldn't be able to live without his video game library., or his knowledge thereof.

~Name 2 Positive And 2 Negative Qualities About Your Character~
Positive Characteristic #1: Cade is an incredibly loyal individual, and the thought of betraying those he holds close is about as foreign to him as the thought that blue unicorns exist.
Positive Characteristic #2: Though Cade is not a Christian, he holds very high moral standards for himself and is sympathetic toward the Christian community that is being depressed by the City's government.
Negative Characteristic #1: A naturally pessimistic person, Cade finds it hard to look on the bright side of things. So, literally, he is a NEGATIVE character for the most part. XD
Negative Characteristic #2: Since he tends to be a gloom-and-doom person, he has a hard time excepting people into his life. The one exception being Ray, since she has such a magnetic personality that is hard for anyone to resist, even Cade. But being an untrusting sort of guy makes Cade keep everyone, including his own family, at arms length and assumes things like "my parents don't love me as much as my brother" etc.

~Are They Holding Onto Something They Should Get Rid Of?~
Um, yes. Cade is under the firm belief that his family (especially his parents) are disappointed in him when he says he doesn't want to follow in his father's steps and become the future Authority of Education. A silent rebel of the governmental system of the City, he knows he wouldn't be able to handle being a part of the skeletal makeup of the City's structure. Because of this, he feels at odds with most of his fellow Citizens and finds it all too easy to hold on to the bitterness and anger toward his family and the system they obey.

~If 10 Is Completely Organized And 1 Is Completely Messy, Where Do They Fall On The Scale?~
Probably Cade would fall under a 4 or 5. Not overly messy by nature, but also not a clean freak by any stretch of the imagination. ;)
Aw, Cade. ^_^

~What Frustrates Them About The World They Live In?~
Cade, as I mentioned under the "are they holding on to something they should get rid of?" question, HATES the governmental system of the City. The way it forces the children of citizens to mold themselves into pre-made boxes in the society and obey the authority without question frustrates him to no end. With the pressure from family and society for an authority's son to take up the mantle passed down by their parents, Cade would do anything to relieve himself of that. He has absolutely NO interest in becoming the next Authority of Education, but would have to take on the title unless his parents had a different child willing to take his place.


~How Would They Dress For A Night Out? How Would They Dress For A Night In?~
Ever the home-body, Cade puts comfort above class. He doesn't really care what others think about him either, so even if the night out included an important dinner or something, he would still dress in as normal an outfit as he could get away with.
Here are a few examples of what he might where to a given outing example:
Dinner with a VIP: Black slacks and a polo shirt with a pair of new-ish converses (or shoes of similar style). He'd probably brush his hair, but wouldn't put a ton of extra effort into it.
Education days (school days): Plain colored tee-shirt with some kind of jacket or hoodie over the top, regular tennis shoes or sandals, and worn jeans.
Day at home: Same as what he would wear to the education center, but minus the jacket or hoodie and shoes. He would wear a pair of socks around the house and possibly even wear a pair of shorts instead of jeans.
Night at home: Pajamas. Or, you know, fall asleep at his desk studying for education classes the next morning in whatever he happened to be wearing during the day. In which case his mom would come in, smile, shake her head, and cover him with a blanket or two.

~How Many Shoes Do They Own, And What Kind?~
As I mentioned above, Cade puts the comfort factor over trying to "look good" or "be stylish", so his go-to pair of shoes is a normal pair of tennis shoes or converse-style shoes. Something that is both practical, comfortable, and can be used for years at a time.
Dex quote

~Do They Have Any Pets? What Pet Do They WISH They Had?~
No, and not particularly. If he did have a pet, it would probably be neglected by him and end up becoming adopted by his parents or given to someone who would actually take care of it.

~What's Usually In Their Fridge Or Pantry?~
IF he had his own pantry, there would be a lot of no-cooking-required foods (granola bars, pop-tarts, chips, trail mix, etc.)... things that are unhealthy for the most part, but very easy to eat.

~Is There Something Or Someone They Resent? Why And What Happened?~
Spoilers removed, Cade doesn't have the best relationship with his brother and only sibling, Dex. However, spoilers removed again, though it does get a little better over time, old wounds heal slow as the saying goes. (or something like that)
Well, I hope that gave you a better picture of what Cade is like and I hope you found him interesting. I would give you more information, but as my book isn't finished, let alone published, its hard to give more without spoilers. ;) Thanks for being understanding.
Sorry for not posting on here more often. One of my resolutions was to post more regularly...and from what I HAD been doing, basically anything is an improvement. XD
If you have time, take THIS SURVEY and give me some feedback on what you're hoping I post about more on here. I'm hoping to use your ideas for future blog posts. Thanks again for putting up with my long absences and scattered posts. I appreciate your patience. :)

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