Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Character Bio #3: "Old" Elliot

Hello, I’m Grant Elliot, but you probably saw that I’m mostly referred by the Grant children, Justin, Duncan and Mary, as “Old Elliot” among themselves. They were always careful, to call me respectfully “Mr. Elliot” to my face, but I know they meant no harm by calling me “Old” behind my back.


I was told to tell you about myself, and so, of course, I will.


Must I tell you how old I am? Yes? Well, just-between-us-and-don’t-tell-anyone…I’m seventy-eight years old. In my mind I’m still about twenty-three, but time never lies, and eventually I’ll have to face the fact that I’m old…there’s no denying it.


I have silver hair (that sounds better than just plain gray, doesn’t it?).

I have blue eyes.

My favorite color is the color of the sea right before a storm: gray, green and blue.

I enjoy teaching the Grant’s about the elves, telling stories, and carving figurines from wood.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the elves as much as the Grant children did during their adventures, and I hope that you, like those siblings, will also glean valuable information from your elders.


So long,


“Old” Grant Elliot,

Of no relation to King Valkin, but his Very Good Friend



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