Monday, May 12, 2014

Character Bio #4: Mary Grant

I give up...I thought I'd wait a week, but I'm too excited to introduce you to the here you go: another one. (my personal favorite of the human characters):

I’m Mary; sister to Justin and Duncan Grant. The above picture is quite recent, and I believe it portrays me well. I had another one that Duncan drew of me in elfish garb, but we decided against it. Justin declared that I would have made a very good elf, but I prefer being human myself. J

I think I’m supposed to introduce myself, you know, give a short character bio about me. Well, let’s see…


I’m thirteen years old…

I have dark red hair (as you can see from the picture...)

I have green eyes…

My favorite color is forest green…

And I love to read, write, and learn anything new!


My brothers and I are thrilled that you would take the time to read about us, and we hope you enjoyed our adventure. I believe our creator, Rebekah Eddy, is working on a sequel about when we go back to the elfish kingdom and…well, anyways, I won’t ruin the story by telling you! J


I hope you enjoyed reading about me! Have a wonderful day!


Yours Truly,

Mary Grant


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