Friday, May 23, 2014

Character Bio #6: Dusak Awknae

Greetings! I am Dusak Aknae, honorary elf-brother-in-law to Valkin Tredhale, King of the Scottish Woodland Elves. The picture above was drawn by my talented young friend, Duncan Grant. I believe he did a pretty good job, but I do look rather stern. Don’t worry, I’m not very stern in real life. Can you see the impish grin just waiting to appear around the corners of my mouth? J

I suppose I should tell you about myself. Bother. I thought I might get away with not having to introduce myself, but no, Rebekah would have ALL of us introduced. No skimping responsibility for me…ah well…here it goes:


I am one hundred and eight seasons old, which means by your human years that I am twenty-seven years old.

I have light brown hair,

I have blue eyes,

My favorite color is pink (actually, that’s NOT my favorite color…)

Actually, my favorite color is dark blue,

I enjoy helping Valkin rule our kingdom wisely, make practical jokes on all my friends and family, and hunt on my horse (whose name is Brownie, even though his true color is gray).

I hope you enjoyed Rebekah’s story that made all of us elves famous, and I hope she won’t completely give up on me and decide to leave me out of the sequel. (You wouldn’t mind pleading with her a little on my behalf would you?)


Dusak Aknae, Self-Appointed Court Jester


  1. You MUST put him in the next book!!!

  2. Of course I will! I don't know where Dusak got the idea that I wouldn't have him in my next book! I need his comic relief! ;P

    1. Thank you Jesseca for vouching for me! Much appreciated I'm sure. :) And I'm very relieved to hear that I'll be in the next book. :)

    2. You are more then welcome, Dusak!


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