Thursday, May 15, 2014

Character Bio #5: Valkin Tredhale

The first elf! I'm excited!!! Here you go:

Greetings! My name is Valkin Tredhale, former messenger to His Majesty, The King. I am now King myself, exactly how I became King is still somewhat muddled in my mind; it happened rather quickly. My personal opinion is that our creator, Rebekah Eddy, merely wanted to finish the book, and so she rushed a bit too much.


Back to the subject at hand, I apologize for the poor picture of me. It was a drawing by a good friend of mine, and he could not completely capture my personality. For one example, I am far too grim looking. Usually I’m much more relaxed, but I believe this picture was drawn during the time before the king’s evil counselor was taken care of, and so my frown was much more often on my face.


About me…I’m not really sure where to begin…let’s see…

I’m exactly one hundred seasons old, which, I believe, in your land means I’m twenty-five years old.

I have dark brown hair…

And brown eyes…

My favorite color is dusk blue (the color of the sky at dusk, when the sky is clear, and you can see stars…that dusk blue)

I enjoy solving problems, hunting, and riding my horse (whose name is Galaxy)

I’m very honored to have you read about me and my human friends. I hope that you will read more soon!

Signed: Valkin Tredhale,

King of the Scottish Wood Elves

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