Monday, June 9, 2014

*Drum Roll*

A New Story! How exciting! I'm so eager to start this next story for your enjoyment, and starting next post, I will begin sections. I had to do meeny-miney-moe in order to find out which of the two favorites I was to do first. :)
"Which story??" You ask, bouncing in your seat in an effort to contain your excitement. you are, in the order they will be posted:

1. Alice & Alyssa
2. The Princess & I
3. The Search for the Lost Dinosaur Bone
4. A Stranger No Longer
5. The Magic Saber

So... sit back and be ready for a ride as you follow Alice and Alyssa through all their hair-rising adventures and narrow escapes from danger!

Simply Stories
presents for your enjoyment:

Alice & Alyssa
Written By: Rebekah Eddy

I dedicate this book to my sisters: Tabitha and Marta.

Though they are not twins, they love adventure and do everything together! J

Part One:
Alyssa blinked, rolled over in her bunk, and slid out of bed. Above her, Alice groaned and sat up.

“What are you doing getting up so early?” She mumbled.

Alyssa grinned up at her sleepy-eyed twin. “I always like to get up early and enjoy the day while it’s new! Why don’t you come on my walk with me?”

Alice shivered at the thought. “Not me! You go ahead and walk in the freezing morning air; I’m staying in my warm bed!”

Alyssa laughed. “Have it your own way, sleepyhead!” Alice merely buried herself back in her blankets, and Alyssa stepped quietly outside.

She shivered as she closed the door softly behind her. It was cold, she admitted it to herself, but it always woke her up. She started walking briskly down the sidewalk, swinging her arms to warm herself, and thinking of how she and her sister had ended up where they were.

Their parents had been involved in a terrible car accident, but thankfully their lives had been spared. Unfortunately, their dad was in a comma, and their mom had been treated with some broken ribs and a serious head injury. This left Alice and Alyssa with no parents temporarily, so their aunt volunteered to keep them until further notice.

It was the beginning of summer, and so they didn’t have to worry about keeping up with school. Also, Alice and Alyssa were both fourteen, soon to be fifteen, which meant that they didn’t need much looking after. Their aunt, Lillian Dyton, had a job not too far away, and she was always ready to rush home at the ring of her cell-phone if the girls were in trouble. They hadn’t had an emergency yet, but they had only been there for a week.

Both girls were working on adjusting to their new lives, and Alyssa had just started taking regular morning walks around the new neighborhood. This was the third time she had gotten up early to do it, and her aunt had said it was fine, even if she left Alice behind.

Alyssa had been walking along humming her favorite tune, when suddenly she came upon an odd scene: a girl, perhaps a few years younger than herself, was struggling to get away from a huge dog. The dog seemed to only be playing, but Alyssa noticed that the girl seemed frightened out of her wits. Alyssa started fearlessly towards the dog, her hand holding out a treat, something she always remembered to bring on her walks. Astonished, the girl stopped her struggles and looked wide-eyed at Alyssa.

“Here puppy…hey, you sweet thing…I love you too…come here, don’t be shy…see what I have for you?” She kept a steady stream of words flowing from her mouth, and the dog stopped harassing the girl to eat the treat.

After the treat disappeared in a shockingly short amount of time, the dog rolled over onto its back to have its stomach rubbed. The girl stood up, staring openly at Alyssa, who was bent over the dog still. At last Alyssa straightened and pointed down the street.

 “Go home!” she commanded the dog. The dog glanced back at the other girl, his tail beginning to wag. “Go home!” Alyssa repeated.

The dog obeyed with his tail between his legs. Alyssa turned to the girl with a warm smile. “Hi! My name is Alyssa Dyton. What’s yours?”

The girl found her tongue. “I-I’m Diana Wood. How’d you do that?”

Alyssa laughed. “I just have a way with animals. It’s a gift that comes in handy sometimes.”

Diana gaped. “I’ll say! Thank you!”

“You’re very welcome. I’m new in the neighborhood, do you live here?”

Diana nodded. “Yeah, I live just down the street, house number 1342. Which house do you live in?”

Alyssa thought a moment. “1344… we’re only a house away from each other!” Diana nodded again, and the two girls exchanged a smile. Alyssa continued, “You should meet my twin sister, Alice. We’re different, but we hardly ever do something without the other half of us doing it too. I think she’d really enjoy meeting you.”

Diana grinned. “I’d love to meet your sister. When?”

Alyssa laughed. “She probably won’t even be awake for another hour, let alone ready to meet someone. Probably after lunch would be the best time. Will that work?” Diana nodded. Alyssa smiled. “I’ll see you then! I’d better head back.”

Diana glanced at her watch, letting out a little gasp of surprise. “Uh, oh. I’d better run for it. Mom expected me back five minutes ago!” She turned to go with a wave. “See you later!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alyssa sat down at the table with a book and a bowl of cereal. Her aunt was reading the morning paper with her hair in curlers. Her cat came over to sit into Alyssa’s lap, purring contentedly. A few minutes ticked by slowly, and Alyssa finished her breakfast.

Finally, Alice came downstairs. Alyssa greeted her with a smile. “You missed some excitement this morning.” She said.

Alice let out a squeak of dismay. “I did?” Alyssa told her about her morning walk. Alice groaned. “How come it’s always me who misses out on the interesting walks?”

Alyssa laughed. “At least you’ll be able to meet her still, just not until this afternoon.” Alice got herself a bowl of cereal from the kitchen and sat down to eat.

“I suppose that’s true. I’m not missing out on everything!” She finished her breakfast in silence.
After their aunt left for work, with her usual list of ‘does’ and ‘don’ts’, the girls went to their rooms to spend the morning working on a book they were writing together.

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