Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pick a Book, Any Book...

So here's some titles to a couple stories I've been working on:

1. Search for the Lost Dinosaur Bone
Five siblings that work under their uncle in a museum have a bone stolen! They then find that the thief has taken it back in time! Follow them as they go through difficult and exciting times, and learn that you have to work as a team to get things done.

2. Alice & Alyssa
After a terrible car accident sends both of their parents into the hospital with dangerous injuries, Alice and Alyssa go to live with their Aunt for the summer. When they decide to write a book, their characters come alive much to their astonishment. Now they have to finish the book before it catches up to them, or their characters will die. Can they make it?

3. The Princess & I
At first, Megan is thrilled when her brother brings her the news that Princess Chrystal needs her as her lady-in-waiting, but soon she realizes, castles are not all she thought they were. When attacked by enemy's and threatened by a inside spy, Megan finds that she is all that is between the princess and death. Is she strong enough to save her best friend?

4. The Magic Saber
Eight-year-old Luke finds an old box up in his grandparents attic. When he get's it open, he finds a magic saber with an inscription on it that takes his older sister, Emily, his younger brother, John, and himself onto a ship. At first, all is calm, but when a pirate ship attacks them, the siblings realize that they are the captain's only hope of escape. Will they succeed?

5. A Stranger No Longer (sequel to The Stranger)
Fan Fiction. Andi is back again, but this time, she is engaged to Riley. They work together to make their horses, Spy and Taffy, be the best and fastest team for the wagon race on the July 4th Celebration. Will they win?

Which is your favorite? Let me know so I can get started posting parts! :)


  1. Well, I'm not a big fan of stories with magic in them. Some times travel I enjoy, so I'd have to say the last story would be my first choice and then story 1 followed by story 2. Are these short stories or long?

    1. I'm not big on those stories either, but they are very fun to write as long as I don't spend to much time on them. I like to have most of my stories be about real life, but it's always fun to sprinkle a few purely imaginative stories into the mix.
      Well, it depends...what do you call a short story? Under twelve chapters/sections long? In that case they would most definitely be on the shorter side.
      The most short of the above stories would probably be "A Stranger No Longer" because, after all, it is fan fiction, and only about five to six sections long.
      The first story is a little shorter then "The Silver Flower". (Just to give you something to compare it too...)
      Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate you dropping by! :)

  2. I think #3 would be fun to read! It sounds mysterious ;)

    1. Oh dear...two different people, two different choices. I'll have to choose straws or something... :)


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