Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Break: Introducing an all new movie script!

Yeah, sorry about this. I'll really try to get better at posting regularly... :) Anyways, I'm going to give y'all a little break from Alice & Alyssa, the parts are a temporary standstill. I'm giving you a special treat. I wrote the script, with a lot of help and ideas from the other girls. I'm going to give the movie script to you two scenes at a time. Sit back and enjoy! :D
Presented to you by:
Daughter's of God Film Productions

Rebekah Eddy
Kathryn Stephenson
Rachel King
Script Writer:
Rebekah Eddy
Produced and Directed by:
Rebekah Eddy
Made by girls
Performed by girls
Loved by girls
Scene One: The Teacher is explaining the rules of the fieldtrip. Meanwhile three girls are whispering together excitedly about it.
Kathryn: I love fieldtrips, don’t you?
Rebekah: Yeah, but nothing exciting ever happens on them.
Kathryn: What do you call exciting?
Rebekah: Something other than what usually happens.
Rachel: Like in books? And Movies?
Rebekah: Exactly. Don’t you think that would be awesome?
Kathryn: If something weird happens during the fieldtrip?
Rebekah: Yeah!
Kathryn: I wouldn’t wish for it, or it might happen!
(The girl’s laugh-camera fades to black)
Scene Two: (song playing: “Rest Easy” sung by Andrew Peterson) The girls are walking through the woods, but are getting lost in conversation. They gradually lag farther and farther behind until one of them realizes what happened.
(Add lib)
Rebekah (stopping suddenly): Hey!
Kathryn and Rachel: What?
Rebekah: Where is everyone?
Rachel (not alarmed): Oh they’re probably just up ahead looking at some ferns or something. We’ll catch up to them eventually.
Kathryn: Next time they stop to look at something we’ll come up behind them.
Rebekah (worriedly): I don’t know…what if we get lost?
Kathryn: We won’t get lost. All we have to do if we don’t catch up is back trail ourselves to the beginning of the path and wait for our teacher to realize we’re gone and come looking for us. We’ll be fine.
(The girls walk for a little while. Rachel stops suddenly)
Rachel: I don’t think we’re on the right trail. I’m not recognizing any of this.
Kathryn: Let’s go back. We’ll wait for the rest of the group there.
(The girls start back, but Rebekah waits.)
Rebekah: Hold on you guys.
(The other girls stop)
Rebekah: Is it just me, or is the ground shaking?
Rachel: It’s not just you…
Kathryn: Uhhh…that’s weird.
(Camera causes shaking effects and the girls start panicking.)
Rebekah: Let’s get out of here!
(Girls run through brush, not paying attention to where they’re going. One of the girls trips on a root and all three fall in a heap and stay there. Suddenly the shaking stops. The girls look up from where they were cowering and slowly stand up, brushing dirt and grass off their clothes.)
Kathryn (shakily to Rebekah): Well, you got your wish. Something weird did happen. Where are we?
Rebekah: I don’t know.
Rachel: What happened?
Rebekah: I don’t know.
Kathryn: Was it an earthquake?
Rebekah: I don’t know.
Rachel: What…
Rebekah (interrupting Rachel): I don’t know!! Ok?
Kathryn (soothingly): It’s ok. We’ll figure this out eventually, right now we need to calm down and think through our situation.
Rachel (plopping herself down on the ground and looking up at Rebekah): Ok. So what’s the plan?
Rebekah: I don’t know.
Kathryn: Stop it.
Rebekah: No really! I don’t know!
Kathryn: Right…so think of something!
Rebekah: Ok, ok!
(The girls sit down-camera fades to black.)

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