Monday, September 1, 2014

There is no Place Like Home!: Scene's 3&4

Here you go! (I told you I was going to try to be a little more on top of posting... :P)

Doesn't look fun to be in, does it?

Scene Three: (Song playing: If it Leads me Back to You” sung by Lindsay McCaul) The girls are trying to think of a way out of the forest. Finally Rebekah looks excitedly up from where she had been absentmindedly weeding.

Rebekah (with a lot of excitement): I bet we went through a time warp of some kind.

Rachel (also excited): Like in books? And movies?

Rebekah: Yeah! And so we’re in a different world! We’ll have to be able to survive while we’re out here. How much food do we have?

Kathryn (searching through her backpack): I have a sandwich, a water bottle, a couple of granola bars, and…OO! A bag of Skittles!

Rachel and Rebekah: SKITTLES?!?!

Kathryn (quickly): We’ll save these for emergencies.

Rachel (also searching through her back pack): I have an apple, some cheese, a water bottle, and a couple of granola bars. (sighs) No Skittles.

Rebekah (looking through HER back pack): I have a bottle of water, some crackers, an apple, a cheese stick, and a pack of gum. (sighs) But no Skittles.

(She looks up at other girls.)

Rebekah (dramatically): We’ll have to ration out our food supply.

Kathryn: Thank goodness we were on a field trip! I have a plant guide pamphlet with me, so we’ll be able to tell which plants are okay to eat.

Rachel: Let’s go get some food then!

Rebekah: Hold on…let’s lay down some rules for ourselves first.

(The girls sit down in a semi-circle on the ground)

Rebekah: Ok, rule number one: stay together at all times. Rule number two: no eating anything unless all three of us agree that it’s probably safe. Rule number three: only eat small amounts of what we do approve so that if we get sick it won’t be serious. Are those clear?

Rachel: Yes, but we need to make some sort of shelter for ourselves to shelter us from the weather.

Kathryn: We’ll also need fuel for a fire.

Rachel: Well, that shouldn’t be difficult, there’s wood all around us!

Rebekah (clapping her hands): Alright! Let’s get to work!

(They begin working, as they work, play song “Our God is in Control” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman. After song finishes-camera fade to black)


Scene Four: A camp has been made and the girls come in holding sticks and fir branches. Kathryn starts making the fire, Rachel and Rebekah work on beds. All are excitedly talking about their adventure.

(Add lib)

Rachel (with a sigh): I think I could live out in the woods all my life! It’s so pretty with all the birds and the squirrels!

Rebekah (with a shudder): And the bugs. Don’t forget the bugs!

Kathryn (wisely): I think we’ll all be glad to be back in our own beds tomorrow.

Rebekah: The ground is NOT as soft as it looks!

Rachel: I still think this is exciting! Imagine what we’ll be able to tell our friends! We’ve survived being in a different world! Like in books! And Movies!

(Kathryn gets the fire going finally, and gets up to help the girls with the beds.)

Kathryn: I’m still going to be glad to get home after this!

(The other girls’ agree-camera fades to black)

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