Friday, September 26, 2014

There's No Place Like Home: Scenes 7&8

School is back, and I'm busy again. But...I did manage to squeeze out a quick post! The last scenes of There's No Place Like Home. Let me know how you enjoyed it! Here you go! :)


Scene Seven: girls are picking berries and putting them in a now empty sandwich bag.

Rachel: How are we ever going to get home?

Kathryn: I thought you like it here!

Rachel: Well…I do…but we can’t live off of berries and mushrooms forever.

Rebekah: True. We are going to have to get home soon.

Rachel: How?

Rebekah: Now that is what we need to figure out. Let’s head back to camp and do some serious thinking.

(Girls walk back to camp, camera follows them. Kathryn puts berries down and begins to divide them into three equal piles.)

Rebekah (absentmindedly):  I wonder when they’ll find us…

Kathryn: Who?

Rebekah: Our families!

Kathryn: Oh.

(There’s a pause.)

Rachel: I miss them.

Kathryn: Who?

Rachel: My family!

Kathryn: Oh.

(Another pause.)

Kathryn: I miss my family too. I think we got tires of this adventure pretty quickly, didn’t we?

Rebekah: I’ll say!

Rachel: It wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be like. I thought we would have more…you know…more fun.

Rebekah (teasingly):  You mean waking up, freezing cold, after a terrible night of sleep isn’t fun?

Rachel (with a shudder):  NO!

Kathryn (joining the teasing):  You mean having only a little to eat at a time because the food might run out isn’t fun?

Rachel (with another shudder):  Definitely not!!

Rebekah: I don’t think so either. I wish that I could sleep in my own warm bed at home tonight.

Kathryn: I want to have a good solid meal tomorrow instead of berries and a third of a cheese stick.

Rachel: I want to see my family again!

Rebekah: Me too!

Kathryn: Me three!

(Another pause as all the girls thinking wistfully about their homes.)

Rebekah: We should eat.

(The girls nod and they do so. The same shaking starts again all of a sudden and interrupts their meal. Fearfully, the girls huddle together until it stops. Suddenly a whistle blasts shrilly, and all three girls jump up, their lunch forgotten. All three start yelling and screaming to attract the attention of the rescuers.)

(Add lib)

(Rescuers come onto scene)

Concerned person: What happened to you three girls? We thought you had gotten kidnapped! It seemed like you dropped off the face of the earth!

Rebekah: Well we did…kind of.

Kathryn: We…well…sort of.

Rachel: Like in books! And movies!

Concerned person: Why don’t you try starting from the beginning and telling me the whole story.

(Rebekah begins to tell the story-camera fades to black)


Scene Eight: All three girls are standing together in the woods.

Rebekah: And the moral of this story is…

All three girls together: THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!
(End of movie credits: “Long way Home” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman)      

How did you like it? 

Do you think it will make a good movie?

Do you agree that "There is no place like home?"                   

Come back next time for: Alice & Alyssa-Part Six

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