Tuesday, September 16, 2014

There's No PLace Like Home: Scenes 5&6

FINALLY back to posting. With school, the posts are going to become fewer and farther between, but hopefully I'll still be able to post a few times each month. Just to warn you...posts may become scarce. ;)

Scene Five: it’s early the next morning, the girls are sound asleep. Rebekah wakes up first and starts the fire. It’s giving her trouble and won’t start. Rachel rolls over and opens her eyes, and Kathryn sits up yawning.

Rebekah (gloomily): Good morning.

Kathryn (yawning again): You must be cold.

Rebekah (sarcastically): No, I’m so hot I can barely stand it. Of course I’m cold! Aren’t you?

Kathryn: Yes! AND I had a pine cone in my ribs half the night.

Rachel (also sarcastically): My, my! Aren’t we cheerful this morning!

Rebekah: Good morning.

Rachel: Good morning! Wasn’t it so refreshing to wake up early in the morning and drink in the beautiful sunshine?

Rebekah (looking up at the clouds): There isn’t any sunshine to drink in. If there was, I might be more cheerful!

Kathryn: Let me help you with that fire.

Rebekah: Thanks. The wood is probably wet. We should have thought to keep some away from where the dew would get it.

Rachel: Are we going to have breakfast?

Rebekah: As soon as the fire is started.

(Kathryn and Rebekah get a little overly focused on the fire, and they don’t notice Rachel mutter that she’s going to pick some berries she saw yesterday. Rachel wanders off. A few minutes tick by and suddenly there is a scream of pain. Rebekah and Kathryn jump up, forgetting the fire.)

Rebekah: WHAT was THAT!?!?!

(They glance around the camp, realizing suddenly that Rachel is not there.)

Both girls: RACHEL!!!!!!

(They run through the brush towards the yells for help-camera fades to black)


Scene Six: Rebekah and Kathryn run through the woods to find Rachel and finally see her, sitting down on the ground looking very much in pain.

Rebekah: What happened?

Rachel: Well, I was trying to get some of the berries over there for us to eat, but I didn’t see this hole and tripped in it. I think I sprained my ankle pretty bad.

Kathryn: Can you walk on it?

Rachel: I can try.

Kathryn: Do you need a skittle?

Rachel (tearfully):  Yes please.

(Kathryn gives her some skittles.)

Rebekah: Here, let’s help you back to our camp.

(The girls walk back to their camp. Rachel is put gently on one of the beds and Kathryn pulls out a first aid kit from her backpack.)

Kathryn: Mom made me pack one of these just in case, and now I’m glad I took her advice!

Rebekah:  I’ll wrap your foot nice and tight.

(She takes the bandages from Kathryn and works on wrapping Rachel’s foot.)

Rachel:  I’m sorry I didn’t listen to your advice about not leaving camp unless I was with someone. I thought that since the berry patch was so close…I was so sure nothing could happen!

Rebekah: That’s okay. I’m sorry about being so grumpy this morning. (laughs) I guess I’m not much of a morning person.

Kathryn: I’m sorry too. I encouraged your grumpiness with my own. And it didn’t help to add the comment about the pinecone.

Rachel (smiling):  I forgive you both.

Both girls: Thanks!

(They look at each other and laugh, past grumpiness forgotten now.)

Rebekah (after a pause):  There! That should hold your foot for a while!

Rachel: It feels better already!

Rebekah: Now that that’s done…shall we have breakfast?

Kathryn (worriedly):  We don’t have a lot of food left.

Rebekah: Well then, we’ll find more food after we’ve eaten… (She gives a meaningful glance at Rachel)…all of us together.

(Girls sit down and Rebekah rations out a small breakfast. They begin to eat-camera fades to black.)


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