Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thistle & Friends: Bio #1

Thomas made all us dragons create these short biographies about ourselves. He knows I don’t like bringing attention to myself, but he still insisted. Well, he is my friend, and I suppose I ought to do as he asked. Thomas gave us three questions to answer, saying that it would be an easy way for us to tell about ourselves without the process becoming too embarrassing, so here are those questions followed by my answers:

1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?

Well, I’ve made a lot of memories, most of them vivid, but I suppose the most vivid is coming into the palace of the royal dragons for the first time and meeting Nettle. That was quite the experience. I don’t have time to tell that story now, but Thomas promised to record all my past adventures down, so I trust you will be able to read them eventually.

2: How old are you?

It depends on whether you want my age in dragon years or human years…but to make the answer simpler, I’ll tell you both. I’m ninety human years old, but dragon years are longer so I’m only fifteen in our years.

3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.

I’m a hermit dragon. That means I prefer living by myself and dislike being bothered by people, unless they are very close to me. I have very few friends, but the friends I do have are priceless. I don’t hoard treasure like most dragons do, and my favorite past-times are: sleeping, flying, or thinking about…things.

Well, there you have it. I hope this is a sufficient picture of me and will help you understand me and what I do better. (If not, don’t say so or Thomas will make me re-write it!)

Best Regards,

Thistle the Dragon

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  1. I love reading character Bio's! I can't wait to read the rest of them :)


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