Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thistle & Friends: Bio #2

Thomasss insssisssted on usss dragonsss creating thessse ridiculousss biographiesss, and ssso I sssuppossse I mussst. Though I do hate talking about myssself and avoid it whenever posssssible. Ah, well, I’ll jussst get it over asss sssoon asss posssssible.

1: What is your most vivid memory from your past?

When my mother took me out over the sssea on my firssst flight. It wasss magnifisscent to sssay the leassst. I’ll never forget the thrillsss that ran up and down my ssspine as I ssswooped over the islandsss and wavesss with ssseagullsss sssquawking at usss and mother ssscaring them away from me with sssmall burstsss of flame. Ssshe never hurt any of them, but it wasss great fun watching them fly away from usss in terror. They were rather annoying anywaysss.

2: How old are you?

Thirty dragon yearsss, ssso that meansss I’m five human years old. Perhaps young to your way of thinking, but by dragon yearsss, I’m a young adult.

3: What type of dragon are you? Explain what that means.

I’m a treasssure dragon. That meansss I hoard treasssure. I think it’s sssafe to tell you that, asss long asss you promissse not to sssteal any of my beautiful gold coinsss. Those coinsss are by far my favorite treasssure. I give my favorite humansss sssome of my jewelsss off and on, becaussse I don’t care much about them. I essspesscially don’t like the colored jewelsss. I love diamondsss and pearlsss, but rubiesss, sssapphiresss, emeraldsss, and jade I don’t like nearly asss much.

There. That’sss done. Hopefully I won’t get any complaintsss from you that make Thomas make me have to rewrite it.

Yoursss Truly,

Brier the Dragon

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