Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alice & ALyssa Character Spotlight: Eliana

At long last, I'm giving you the final character spotlight. A huge thank you to Jesseca for the perfect picture of Eliana. Without further ado, I present:

Guardian of the Fire Stone 
Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Follow me!”
Description of Character:
As Guardian of the Fire Stone, Eliana is no stranger to responsibility, and she takes her job very seriously. However, she also has a very compassionate nature, and loves to help others. She is a born leader, and is not afraid to take charge if she knows that a leader is needed. But, she also knows when it is best to let another person lead, and therefore makes a good follower as well. Eliana enjoys a wide variety of things, such as cooking, riding, reading, and walking by herself outside.
Book Excerpt(s):
 Alice heard a match being struck and soon a small golden flame lit up the cave. Alice blinked in the sudden light and squinted her eyes until they were adjusted to the dim light of the candle. When they were, she peered beyond the flame to the silhouette of the person who owned the voice.
“Who are you?” She repeated the first question.
The figure came closer and held the flame to its face, realizing that Alice couldn’t see it still. “My name is Eliana and I am Guardian of the Fire Stone.”
“Oh!” Alice almost began crying in her relief. The flame lit up the figure and she could see now what had had her frightened.
A young lady stood in front of her, clothed in a flowing dress. Her hair was rippling in dark brown waves down her shoulders, and she was smiling a welcome to Alice.
Just as she thought she might fall over the edge, a small but strong hand seized her ankle and pulled her away from imminent death. Eliana had awoken and seen that Alice was gone. Guessing her intent, she rushed to the entrance of the cave in time to keep her from falling in a fit of dizziness.
Immediately upon being dragged from the edge, Alice came to herself and thanked Eliana for saving her life. “I honestly don’t know what got into me!” Alice admitted. “I’m not usually afraid of heights.”
Eliana smiled understandingly and patted Alice’s shoulder. “Everyone gets dizzy at a height like this,” she answered knowingly. “When I was first brought here I swooned on the very edge. It was a miracle that I didn’t fall, but somehow when I crumpled to the ground, I managed to not go over. In fact,” Eliana chuckled now at the memory, “I put myself in more danger of falling when I came to myself, and realized how close I had been to the end of my life, than when I had been in a faint.”
Alice managed a small smile. “Thanks anyways,” she said again.
“You’re very welcome of course,” Eliana replied graciously. “Soon the gliefs will bring us breakfast, and it won’t go well with us if they find us outside our cave, they will think we are attempting suicide. Come inside.”
Eliana walked over. “Let me see your wrist,” she ordered gently. Alice held it out. “Where does it hurt exactly?”
Alice put her finger on the middle of her wrist where one might feel someone’s pulse. “Right there,” she said, “it’s been weak ever since I was a baby. This isn’t a new problem, but with all the pressure we’ve had to finish our book, I’ve been doing more writing than usual and that makes it start hurting.”
Eliana pulled a container from the recesses of her long dress and opened it. A sweet, flowery odor reached Alice’s nostrils. “This might help,” she offered. “May I?”
Alice shrugged. “It can’t possibly hurt worse than Bettina’s salve.”
Eliana took Alice’s wrist and began massaging the salve onto it. Alice gritted her teeth and scrunched her eyes tightly closed. Alyssa came over and stood next to her twin.
“Is it helping?” She asked.
“I can’t tell,” Alice answered through clenched teeth. “It hurts. That’s all I know.”
Eliana looked up at her patient sympathetically. “I’m sorry to cause you pain. It will help in the long run though, which is what you want I’m sure.”

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  1. Eliana sounds like an amazing character! These spotlights seem to keep getting more and more interesting! :D I've really enjoyed them all, but I am looking forward to reading more of the book!!


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