Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebration Post!!! :D

I HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY FINISHED MY BOOK, "Alice & Alyssa"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just this evening, I wrapped up chapter twenty, wrote the epilogue and stared at the words THE END at the bottom of my page for a full three minutes before the truth dawned.
Then I jumped up from the computer, did a Russian Happy Dance that Emily showed me, and then went outside and yelled my head off at my siblings.
"Hey! I finished it!"
"Finished what? And quit yelling."
"My book, you know, 'Alice & Alyssa'!" 
"Oh yeah, great! Stop yelling, I'm right here in front of you."
Ok, so they weren't as excited as I was. But hey, who could blame them... after all, I was the one who spent so much time writing it...
But, long story short, I've finished writing the story, and now I've started the never ending job of editing it... *sigh*.
Well, hope you can share my excitement. After all, it's not every day that an author finishes a book, right? :P
God bless!


  1. It certainly isn't everyday that an author finishes a book! Way to go! I know the feeling of excitement when you reach those last two words. :) I'll be excited for you if your siblings won't. :)

  2. Yay!!!!! :D That is so exciting!!!
    Haha, my siblings are the same way! My sister couldn't understand why is the world I was so excited on Thursday when I finished "The Silent Blade." *sigh* I guess it something only us writers understand! ;)
    Yes, writing the story is the fun part. . .the editing? Not so much! Although I do enjoy finding the different fonts for the text, chapter titles, etc. Oh, and I'm curious, how many words is it?
    Anyway, sooooo excited for you!!!

    1. About 28,000 more or less. That will probably change after editing. :)

  3. Yay! That's awesome! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. YAY! So excited for you! That's wonderful! Hahaha, the Cossack Russian Dance Gif! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! I could see you doing that. ;) You will have to show me how good you are at that when I see you. So happy! Congrats on finishing your book! That's so wonderful! My advice? Take two weeks off and don't edit it right away. I am serious. Every author takes two weeks off after finishing their book, then edits it with a fresh pair of eyes. It really works. Sounds hard, I know, but it's worth it. So try that. :) Mrs. Marlow would tell you the same thing- she taught that to me. :)
    So happy for you!

    1. Oh, thanks for the advice! I'll do so! :) And I'll practice up the dance for you, because right now I'm terrible at it. :P

  5. YEAH! Congrats! This is exciting!

    Oh and can you add in the subscribe by email gadget?


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