Thursday, July 9, 2015

Character Spotlight: Alyssa

Annnnnd...number 2! Let me know how you're enjoying these posts! And if I skip characters that you want to know more about, tell me and I'll try to fish up a picture and a character spotlight for you! :) Now introducing:

the imagination behind the story
Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:
“Let’s go already!”
Description of Character:
The older of the twins, Alyssa is far more outgoing and cheerful than her younger sister. Always eager to do things that are new, she sometimes fails to realize the danger behind her ideas. She has an active imagination and usually has story ideas running through her head. Unfortunately, she has terrible handwriting and even worse spelling and grammar so she was never able to get her ideas down into a book people could read. But thankfully, her sister has the gifts she lacks and together they make a perfect team. Adventurous to the point that makes her twin doubt her sister’s sanity, Alyssa is usually the one that leads herself and her sister into their escapades and then usually is the one who is most reluctant to leave. But even though she loves excitement, her love for her twin is far greater. Both girls are pretty much inseparable, and spend most of their time together, though so very different.
Book Excerpt(s):
Alyssa smiled. “We will finish it. And you won’t die. That’s a promise.”
Diana shook her head in disbelief. “It’s just so hard to believe that I’m not real. At least, I won’t be until you finish your story.”
“It’s hard for us to believe too!” Alyssa laughed. “This wasn’t exactly our plan.”
“What was your plan?” Corbin plopped himself down on the ground.
“Just to make a book,” Alyssa replied.
“That’s all we wanted to do,” Alice agreed. “But we didn’t know the rules apparently.”
Diana took Corbin’s hand in her own. “We’ll walk back to the house,” She said. “It’ll give you more time to work on your story.”
“Thank you very much,” Alyssa answered. “We do have a lot to work on.”
The sisters were alone again. Alyssa stood up and began pacing again; Alice massaged her wrists one more time before taking up a pencil and glancing at her twin expectantly.
The steady hum of the four wings as well another scream from the awful creature made the horses bolt. Alice hung on as best she could, but she couldn’t hold on for long.
To Alyssa, watching from the back of her running horse, the next scene seemed to be in slow-motion. Her sister slipped from the back of Troy, landing in the grass. In a moment she was up and running for her life, but the glief was too fast and grabbed her with two of its hanging legs. Alyssa saw her sister’s lips form her name soundlessly; a mute appeal for help, then the glief turned around and flew off at an incredible speed.
“ALICE!!!” Alyssa screamed, angry tears running down her cheeks. This wasn’t what they had written in their book. Something had gone terribly wrong. Sure, the gliefs were supposed to show up and give a fight, but Raynold had killed it…hadn’t he? Suddenly, Alyssa couldn’t remember what the outcome of the fight had been.

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