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Character Spotlight: Diana

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Most Likely to Say Something Along These Lines:

“What’s all this about? Why haven’t I been told about that?”

Description of Character:

Because Diana has been created by the twins, her personality is an interesting mixture of both their personalities. Her semi-excitement over adventures is from Alyssa’s imagination while her worry about everything working out in the end is due to Alice holding the pencil. Even so, the twins do manage to have Diana possess her own personality as well as snippets of theirs. For example, she has far more patience than either twin, and is content to put all responsibility on Raynold, Alice, and Alyssa. A faithful follower and good friend, she is the steadying factor to all their adventures. If she hadn’t been there, things may have taken a nasty turn. But, as it was, her steadfast encouragement to her friends kept them going to the end. With spunk and endurance, she stays with them and hardly ever complains of their difficult circumstances even during times that you or I would throw up our hands in despair and give up.

Book Excerpt(s):

Alyssa clapped her hands. “Oh hurrah! We get to meet your family: Bettina and Corbin…and your parents?” The stranger nodded. Alyssa and Alice exchanged an excited grin.

Diana gave them a puzzled look. “You know them already?”

Alice laughed. “Of course we do!”

The stranger smiled. “They were the ones that created us…in their book. Have you read it?”

Diana shook her head. “No, but now I know why they would know you.” She stopped suddenly, her eyes getting bigger. “Wait…you mean you were characters in their BOOK?”

The stranger nodded. “Yes, but then we came alive, I was the one elected to find the authors and help them complete their story by bringing them here.”

Diana frowned. “Am I a character too?”

Again, the stranger nodded. “Yes. The girls created us; we came alive according to the ancient rule to all young authors under the age of eighteen, on the first day of July at twelve o’ clock in the afternoon.”

Diana still looked puzzled. “So…will I stop existing after they finish the book?”

The stranger smiled, but shook his head. “Thankfully, no. That’s why we’re here. Alice and Alyssa are going to finish their book so we can keep being alive. As long as they complete it in time, we’ll be around forever!”

Alice glanced at Alyssa. “That really puts the pressure on us, doesn’t it?” She whispered softly. Alyssa nodded.

Diana seemed finally satisfied. “Well, then, I suppose we ought to start the story!” she exclaimed. “What comes next?”


Diana reined Star in next to Rebel who had stopped as soon as the danger had disappeared. The mare was flecked with foam and Diana looked exhausted and terrified. She too had a close call, almost being captured by the glief as well.

Raynold cantered back to where the two girls were waiting, his face still white, though some of the color had returned.

“Where is Alice?” He asked, noting the absence of Alice immediately. His eyes searched the deceptively quiet field before falling on Troy’s telltale empty saddle. The color that had just returned now fled again. “It captured her?” He asked, though it was more stating the obvious.

Silently, Alyssa and Diana nodded their heads. Then Alyssa burst into tears. Diana leaned over and hugged her. No words were needed between the two friends, and Alyssa appreciated the quiet hug more than anything Diana could have said.

“C-can we do anything to help her?” Alyssa asked at last, her sobs having turned into occasional hiccups.

Raynold scratched his chin and gave the distant hills a doubtful look. “I don’t know…” he began slowly. “There is a slim chance of saving her, but it’ll be pretty dangerous.”

“Can we try?”

There was a moment of silence, then a determined gleam came into Raynold’s eyes. He gave a quick, decisive nod. “Yes,” He answered shortly. “‘If there’s a will there’s a way.’”

Alyssa turned her pleading, hopeful eyes to his. “We’ve just got to rescue her.”

Diana read the misery in her friend’s face and her heart went out to Alyssa. The mere thought of Alice in the clutches of that horrible creature sent shivers down her spine. She tightened the arm around Alyssa’s shoulders and smiled, trying to cheer her up. “We’ll rescue her if it’s the last thing we do,” She replied seriously.

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