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The Magic Saber: The Conclusion

And...we're done with this story! What did you think? Should I write more about this set of characters? I'm open to your advice!
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Chapter Nine:

Once they had landed, the captain took the lead, using the map to find the treasure. Jones, Smith, and Hopkins followed behind him holding shovels over their shoulders. Following the sailors were the siblings. Emily had the saber in her hand, but she gave it to Luke. John had the parrot on his shoulder, and Polly was busy chattering about the many treasure hunts she had gone on where the “nasty pirates yelled and yelled”.

Suddenly, at almost the same instant, the captain gave a joyful, “Here it is!” and a giant, scaled head arose directly in front of him.

“The giant serpent!” the sailors gasped in horror and the captain shrank back, away from the treasure. A forked tongue flicked in and out of the enormous mouth, and the serpent’s eyes roved over them.

Luke glanced at his sister, and saw her face was white with fear. She met his eyes. “Give me the saber!” she hissed. “I’ve got to kill it!”

“No,” Luke replied grimly. “Let me.”

“But you’re only eight!” She protested.

“Exactly. The serpent won’t think I’m dangerous, and that will give me an advantage.”

“Be careful,” Emily yielded.

He gave her a sickly grin. “Aren’t I always?”

Meanwhile, the serpent had risen up high into the air, continuing to flick its tongue in and out of its mouth. Luke moved behind it stealthily. Suddenly he thrust the saber into what he thought was the serpent’s tail, but instead, he missed! The serpent heard him and spun away from the sailors who were quivering by a rock.

Luke heard his sister scream and then the serpent’s head was diving down at him. One moment he felt the burning breath and venomous smell of the snake’s open mouth, and the next he saw the saber deep in the eye of the serpent and its life blood gushing away across the sand. Immediately he felt the arms of his sister and brother engulfing him and the captain grinning down on him.

“Oh Luke, I was so worried about you,” Emily whispered, kissing him fondly.

Luke squirmed uncomfortably. “It wasn’t me,” He replied honestly. “It was the magic saber!”

John was grinning from ear to ear. The captain and his sailors were practically dancing around him in joy.

“Let’s dig up the treasure!” Luke said, trying to turn the attention from himself.

Agreeing, the captain pointed out to his men where the treasure was and they started to dig. Chest after chest of beautiful jewels and coins were heaved up out of the sand next to the dead body of the guardian serpent.

Polly hopped up and down on John’s shoulder. “Polly has never seen this much treasure at once!” she squawked joyfully. “Polly likes pretty jewels that sparkle in the sun!”

Emily took the saber out of the dead serpent. “I think I’d like to keep this,” She said to the captain. “As a sort of keepsake.”

He smiled. “By all means. But…” he paused, puzzled. “Aren’t you coming with me back to England?”

“I know the way home from here,” She said, shaking her head to the captain’s question.

“Won’t you take any of this treasure home? You certainly deserve your share!”

“Well…” Emily smiled. “I think we’ll pick out a favorite jewel each, also as a keepsake.”

“Please do! Although you should take more than just one!”

“One will suffice beautifully. After all, we have been eating your ships food and sleeping in your ships beds for the last few days. Take our share as pay for that, as well as all the kindness you showed us.”

Suddenly Polly spoke up from her perch on John’s shoulder. “Take Polly with you!” she pleaded.

John shot another pleading look to Emily. “Can we?” he asked hopefully.

Emily sighed helplessly. “I suppose…now, pick out a treasure!”

The boys obeyed. Luke chose a large diamond that sparkled brilliantly in the soft glow of the setting sun. John took a big golden coin that he knew would make a wonderful addition to his collection of coins at home. Emily chose a string of almost perfect pearls, knowing how pretty they would look with her best dress, and Polly wanted a ring that fit over her claws and settled as a bracelet around her foot.

After they had finished picking out their treasures, the boys and Emily helped carry the treasure back to the longboat.

The captain put out a hand for them to shake. “I will miss you children,” He said frankly. “I owe my life and the lives of my men to you. You three helped us escape from under Rudy the Red, and then you helped me fulfill my mission by killing the giant serpent and therefore getting the treasure. I couldn’t have done any of that without your help.” He paused, his eyes suspiciously damp. “And now, I’m going to get those pirates back to where they belong: in the deepest dungeon in England! Farewell children, I shall never forget you!”

Luke felt a tear trickle off the end of his nose, but he ignored it. “Goodbye Cap’n,” he said. “I’ll miss you too sir.”

“Me too,” John agreed, trying to will away the tears that threatened to spill onto his cheeks.

“Me three,” With a smile, Emily shook the captain’s offered hand. Her eyes were also filled with unshed tears.

Silently, they shook hands with the other sailors, and then watched as the long boat sailed back to the HMS Golden Eagle. Only then did all the siblings raise a hand in final farewell.

Sighing, Emily took up the saber and repeated the magic lines:

Away, away, take ye us; away back to our home.

And now that all the treasure’s found, back to ours we come.

There was a rush of air that caused them to shut their eyes tightly, and they felt themselves spinning dizzily.

Silence fell and when Luke dared to crack open his eyes, he found that they were back inside their attic.

Emily reverently returned the saber to its chest. “What an adventure!” she breathed.

“I’ll say!” John agreed.

Awk!” Polly said, perching atop the chest and ruffling her feathers. “Polly wants a cracker.” The siblings looked at each other and laughed.

“I’m glad Polly came with us,” Luke admitted. “But, oh, what is Grandma going to say when she hears our story?”



The End

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