Thursday, February 25, 2016

Before Winter: A Book Advertisement

I love books. I come from a book-loving family. But I know my love of stories can't compare to the love my sister Sarah has for them. She was fluently reading by four. (Seriously, she read books like White Fang and The Swiss Family Robinson by that age!) Her avid love for reading spread to my oldest brother Andrew, and Margaret and I were soon persuaded to love books as well...after we stumbled through a few levels of Phonics.
Why all this about my sister's love for books? Well, because this book I'm advertising in this post isn't by me. Sarah is writing it. On her blog. And she has three parts already published there!
So quick! Before you get to far behind, go read it there!
(Click anywhere in this sentence to get a link to the first part)

Title: Before Winter

Genre: Historical Fiction

Time Period: During Paul the Apostle's last days

Main Character: Timothy (you know the Timothy that Paul writes to in First Timothy and Second Timothy in the Bible? Yeah, he's THAT Timothy)

Basic Plot Outline: Timothy, currently the pastor of one of the new Christian churches, is asked by Paul in a letter to try to come to him before winter. And to bring John Mark. And his manuscripts. And a his cloak. And to keep a wary eye on Alexander the Coppersmith (See Second Timothy). The story is about his journey there and all the trouble he goes through to get to his mentor before winter makes it impossible.
Will Paul be executed before Timothy can fulfill his last wishes?
Can Timothy find all the things Paul wants him to bring?
How does Timothy's growing church do without him to guide them?

I don't know.

But read Sarah's book and you'll find out!

She's really hoping to get lots of feedback, so please drop by her blog and give her some! :)

God bless, and enjoy her story excerpts! I know I have!


  1. I've so been enjoying "Before Winter"! I hardly ever venture into the world of Biblical fiction because of that fact that most of it strays pretty far from the Bible. So I am really looking forward to Sarah's book! Like, REALLY looking forward to reading it all the way through!

    1. That has always irritated me as well. But Sarah has a vast biblical knowledge that will aid her in writing this book. (She studied the book of Second Timothy for several months) I'm sure it's going to be good. B-) But I may be a bit bias. ;)

  2. Sounds amazing!! I'm checking it out. ;) Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!

    1. You're welcome! I know you're going to enjoy it! Thanks for checking it out! :)


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