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Beyond the Galaxy: Chapter Five

We're leaping into the next chapter! Why does this day feel like it should be March 1st? ;)
This is the last chapter from a certain character's perspective. The next part will be in third person narrative. Hope you enjoy the switch! It adds a cool touch to the story. At least, I think so. You'll have to tell me what you think after reading the next chapter. :)
But now, without further ado:

Chapter Five: Fovil’s Story

I liked my life as a thirteen-year-old. You know, being the son of the most important dude in the world isn’t so tough. Yeah, my dad did end up being gone a lot at important meetings, but family was always a priority for him so Destin and I still saw him at most meals and even got to go on special outings with him sometimes. In fact, my dad is the only person I’ve met that can beat Destin at our favorite video game. I have to say, I get some satisfaction to see my brother beaten every once in a while, and since I’m not nearly good enough to manage it, dad does it for me. Besides, when dad beats Destin, my brother doesn’t blow his top. If I ever did, he would.

But to get back to the story I’m trying to tell:

One morning after getting a long call from the ISEC place, dad called us boys into the living room and asked us to take some tests.

Now, generally, I abhor tests. Especially tests that deal with math or…well pretty much anything other than stuff I’m good at. So I groaned. I thought I had only groaned inwardly, but my brother apparently heard because he jabbed me with his elbow something terrific.

He ignored my glower and asked, “What sort of test?”

My dad smiled. “Just a test that asks you about yourself. No math equations or geography quizzes I promise.”

I let out a relived sigh. Well in that case, maybe I wouldn’t mind taking this test. I don’t mind personality tests, and that was what this sounded like.

I had a question of my own now. “When do we have to take it?”

“As soon as you have both had breakfast,” Dad answered.

“How long will it take?”

“About half an hour, more or less.”

“Well,” I looked at my brother. “What are we waiting for?”

Destin didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was. “Let’s get this over with.”

As long as no math was involved, I was good.


What is your name?

Well, dad had told the truth. No math yet. I typed in my first answer.

Fovil Lake.

Hello Fovil. How old are you?

I stifled a grin. I was going to have some fun with this.

Like I would tell you that!  I answered in mock indignation. Surprisingly, they took my answer.

Using as few words as possible, explain your family situation.

I sighed. This one was going to be harder.

I have a dad, I have a mom, and I have a brother. I have three aunts, five uncles, and twenty cousins. Oh, and two grandparents.

My fingers were tired of typing. I hoped that this test wasn’t much longer. And no more longwinded questions like that last one had been.

What do you think your talents are?

Ok, this wasn’t so bad.

I forgive quickly, and I never hold a grudge. I make friends easily. I can cook anything and make it still taste good.

What are your weaknesses?

I frowned. What sort of question was that? Fine. I’d give them an answer, but I wouldn’t enjoy it.

I get into arguments too easily. I can tease too much and cause general annoyance. Must I go on?

They took my answer. I still can’t believe how I got away with all this.

Is there anything on earth that you would miss if you left it forever?

I did a face-palm. Sudden revelation hit. Dad wanted us to take this test so we could be part of the colonization plan he and ISEC were cooking up.

Excitement grew. That would be so cool. However, I gave a truthful answer, even though I realized that “no” was probably the answer that would get me into the ISEC program.



Oh wow. “Stupid computer,” I muttered, fiercely typing out my answer.

I’m not going to answer this. Read my other answers and draw your own conclusion. Hopefully, you’ll be smart and come up with the right one.

I submitted my evasive answer. The screen blinked again and gave me the reply I had been expecting.

I’m sorry; you have failed to be selected as one of The Chosen. Please exit by clicking the “finish” button at the bottom of the screen. A test administrator will now escort you back to your home. Thank you for your time.

Well, so much for that, I had thought at the time. But I underestimated my dad’s plans.


          “I’ve spoken with my cabinet members,” Dad said.

We were sitting around the living room; right after Dad had come back from the meeting where he broke the exciting news to his cabinet members that the colonization plan could now get under-way.

Destin drew in his breath sharply. I glanced over and saw a dark frown settling on his forehead. I knew a storm was beginning to brew.

“So we can go after all?” I blurted out excitedly. “Even though we technically failed that test you had us take this morning before the meeting?”

My dad nodded. He looked over at my brother, but Destin’s eyes were glued to the ground and his eyebrows were now drawn together into a uni-brow. I inched towards the opposite side of the couch we were sitting on, not wanting to be within arms-reach when he exploded.

“I want you both to go,” my dad continued, his eyes shifting from me to Destin and back again.

“Ok.” I shrugged. I would miss my mom and dad, but this would be the adventure of my lifetime!

My brother, on the other hand, squeezed the couch cushion in his fists and said nothing. I scooted still further away from his probable eruption.

I ventured another remark. “So…uh…when do we leave?”

“Tomorrow night,” my dad said.

“Will we need to pack anything for the trip?”

“No. The space ship will provide you with all the necessary clothes, food, and beds that you need. However, if you feel that you have to bring something for the trip that you couldn’t live without; ISEC did say that they will allow you to bring either one medium or two small items with you.”

“Oh, ok.” I turned to Destin. “That means you could bring your guitar,” I said, hoping to lighten his mood. It didn’t work. He exploded.

“I don’t want to bring my guitar!” he yelled. “I don’t want to bring anything! I don’t want to go!” Destin covered his face with his hands and cried silently. I could see his shoulders shaking.

I was frozen in shock. My eyes darted over to Dad. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was trying not to cry himself. My mom came over to where we were sitting and sat down between us. She put her arm around my brother, and he didn’t resist her affection with embarrassment like he usually did. He simply leaned into her sympathetic hug and continued to cry.

I moved next to Dad. “Was it something I said?” I asked in concern.

My dad opened his eyes and shook his head. “No, you were only trying to help. Destin knows that. What he needs right now is a talk with his parents. How about you decide if you want to bring anything with you on the trip and figure out what it’s going to be.”

I took the suggestion as the command it really was and left the three together.

What happened in that room after I left I probably will never know, I doubt Destin will ever tell me at any rate, but the following night he seemed to have changed his mind because we both went to the space center together. And he brought his guitar.


  1. Awww! Okay, Destin is my favorite. (Do I always say that? Probably...) B-)
    Love the story, Rebekah! Great job! I can't wait to read more! :)

    1. I feel the same way. I'd never be able to tell you which character of mine is my favorite...I like all of them best for different reasons. :P
      I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

  2. Great job! I'm loving this story!!! Like, seriously, I feel like adding another line of those wonderful symbols!And you're just getting started! Squeak.I agree with Faith. It's going to be tough to decide who I like more: Ovril or Fovil.*ahem, in more civilized tones*
    Thank you Rebekah, please keep it coming....or else...
    By the way, Fovil, the way you speak is totaly cool.
    "I liked my life as a thirteen-year-old. You know, being the son of the most important dude in the world isn’t so tough."


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