Saturday, May 31, 2014

Character Bio #9: Shetta Gloriheem

The last bio! Enjoy!

Greetings to you, I am Shetta Gloriheem. Well, I take that back…now that I was finally able to marry Glevanne, my name is Shetta Addets. The picture of me above was drawn by Duncan Grant, and I think it is fairly accurate. He is a very talented young man, although I would have preferred my mouth to have been drawn closed. J Nothing against Duncan’s drawing…still…it would have been nice.


About me:

I am also exactly one hundred seasons old…remember, I am Valkin’s twin… (This means I am also twenty-five in your human years…)

I have light brown hair,

I have light brown eyes,

My favorite color is light blue (the color the sky is when there are no clouds in it and the sun is shining.)

I enjoy spending time with my beloved husband, Glevanne, going on my daily rides through the woods on my horse, (whose name is Mystery), and star-gazing on clear nights up in our castle’s tallest tower.


I hope you enjoyed reading about us, and I hope you will read more! I believe the sequel is going to contain all of us elves, so you will hear what happens to us after the humans left. I won’t spoil it by telling you now… J

I hope you come back for more! Signed:

Shetta Addets,

Sister of the King, Valkin Tredhale

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